Friendships can be everlasting. They can also be formed in a very short amount of time. Personally, I like to make friends and I’m always talking to someone. But the beauty of Hult International Business School is that—regardless of whether you are introverted or extroverted—there are many ways that the school will help you make friends that last a lifetime.

This is a small timeline of how and where you’re going to make friends at Hult:


Connecting through the Hult DNA

When you’re first introduced to Hult, you’ll get a sense of something called The Hult DNA. It’s the stuff that Hultians are made of—we exude this quality. Hultians are international, open, and overall wonderful people.

We are what makes our school live and breathe. And, as such, we are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to meet people who are very similar to us.

If you’re accepted to Hult, there is an Open House event at your campus that’s designed to give you a first glimpse of the place you’ll call home. I would definitely recommend that you take the opportunity to go!

Going to events with your future classmates is a great way to meet your peers and make some connections before your first day. Making those connections early on prepares you for something extraordinary.

“The beauty of Hult is that—regardless of whether you are introverted or extroverted—there are many ways that the school will help you make friends that last a lifetime.”

Social media summer: finding friendship

After you have seen the campus and met a few people, the next step is connecting through social media. There is a Facebook group facilitated by Hult, making it easy to follow and connect with your future classmates.

I followed people, and they followed me. We would watch each other’s journeys throughout the summer online and, through this, we would exchange numbers, talk, and have a great time preparing for our new lives. The best part? When you get to school, it will feel like you already know everyone before you’ve truly started the semester.

Housing buddies

While you are transitioning to your new city, the Facebook group is a great place to find people who are looking for a place to live, just like you. I was part of countless groups searching and talking to people to find someone whose likes and dislikes were similar to how I liked to live.

I did end up having roommates who go to Hult, and it’s really nice to have everyone in your apartment go to the same place to study. I always look at the way my apartment is now and what it could have been like if I was living with completely different people.

I can say that having Hult students as roommates is far better. Always take a look when trying to find housing to see who else is looking for roommates.

Immersion and Module A

Immersion and Module A is the longest period of time you are going to spend with a cohort of 70 people and a team of six. These people are going to become your rocks at school. And, from here, you will make friendships that will last as long as you live.

For instance, I still have lunch with my Immersion/Module A team. And even though we are in different teams for Module B, we still celebrate each other’s birthdays. We always see each other and greet one another with hugs because we started this journey with each other, and nothing ever seems the same after that.

It is also safe to say that your first cohort is going to make you want to hug people in the halls. When you see them, you know you share a bond of working together as a cohort through charity drives, trivia nights, and holiday festivities.

I met both of my best friends in that cohort—the ones that I message every day. Hilariously, they sat very close to me, so I was able to talk to them every morning before class. We found out that we had way more in common than we thought, and this was just the beginning of an amazing friendship.

“This was just the beginning of an amazing friendship.”

Looking forward: Hult friends forever

When we ask ourselves where we are going to end up, my best friends are talking about moving in together while doing dual degrees. This means we will be here until March, making this experience last for more than just a year.

Looking further ahead, we are all planning on going to each other’s weddings and always keeping in touch.

Hult friendships are powerful things. They are formed within a business school that incubates talent and success, so we can’t wait to see where our friendships take us.


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