This fall saw Hult’s London and San Francisco undergraduate campuses hold their annual Career Connections Forums. Campuses hosted over 45 companies between them, from local startups, to SMEs, to global powerhouses such as Tesla, Levi’s, LinkedIn, EY, Google, Bloomberg, YouTube, and Facebook.

The goal of these forums is to connect Hult students with internships and full-time jobs, and give them the opportunity to interface and expand their network with recruiters and alumni. It’s a great chance for students to put their pitch and networking training into action.

Hult students meeting companies such as Bloomberg on campus
Chloe Cameron, Recruiter from Third Bridge: “We felt truly valued to be here as an employer. The environment was friendly and welcoming but also professional—you can see why the students are also so professional and articulate.”

“I have never seen so many employers offering this quality of opportunities to such a small and focused audience. It felt truly tailored for us. The attention to detail was excellent.”

-Student feedback (anonymous survey  – London forum)

This is also a prime opportunity for Hult alumni to come back to campus. Returning alumni included consultants at EY and PwC, and senior managers at LinkedIn, Google, and Bloomberg—among many others. Learn more about the new #HultHiresHult initiative, leveraging our impressive global network of agile, globally minded grads at renowned companies around the world.

Hult's Career Connections Forum 2017
Presenting companies in London included Bloomberg, EY, Google, YouTube, and ABL.


In San Francisco, it was HR Specialist Cindy Hing’s first visit to Hult. Recruiting for her company MA Labs, she said the forum was “one of the best fairs I have attended due to the high quality of candidates and support from staff.” Returning employers from the Spring Internship Fair were delighted to be back, noting that the Hult grads they’ve recruited are outstanding and bring with them a valuable global perspective.

“I felt confident due to the training we have had, especially the elevator pitch session.”

-Student feedback (anonymous survey – London forum)

In London, Sophia Fries, a German-American national from the BBA Class of 2018, says that her biggest takeaway from the event was the importance of defining a clear objective for yourself. She stressed the importance of being prepared with business cards, resumes, and doing plenty of research ahead of time. Her advice to other students? “Be yourself, because this will give you the best chance of connecting with the recruiter, sparking their interested and ultimately getting an in-road to apply for a job.”

Hult students at career connections forum
Jakykishen Gokani, Founder & CEO of The Future Financiers: “Hult students are very passionate and focused.”

Alli Hamilton, Career Development Advisor at Hult San Francisco, said “Many students have already applied for internships and job openings and followed up with the career fair attendees. They made sure to mention their new connections in their cover letters, and Hult alumni were happy to refer students for specific roles within their organizations. Other students have mentioned that after following up with the employers on LinkedIn, they have set up coffee dates with the recruiters, in particular from Robert Half and U.S. Bank.”

Brenda Gannaban, a Filipino from the BBA Class of 2019, said of the London forum: “Everyone representing their companies was professional but also really friendly, helpful, and interested to hear about us.” Her top tip? “Knowledge is power: take the time to research the roles, companies, representatives, and network.”


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