Two female Hult students from the Dominican Republic and Italy have been invited to join the globe’s most exclusive networking event for young people who want to change the world.

Anniete Cohn-Lois from the Dominican Republic and Greta Rossi from Italy will take part in the Clinton Global Initiative University – a meeting of students chosen because they have devised a workable and measurable idea to improve society.

Anniete and Greta will spend the first three days of April challenging and being challenged, as every hand-picked student tries to hammer out their idea into a plan that will happen, through a mixture of debate and networking.

Greta even wants to use people’s taste buds as part of an imaginative strategy to harness all five senses to combat racism in her home country. The project, which is aimed particularly at school children, will include cooking and tasting traditional recipes of other ethnic groups. Children will also dance to the music of other cultures, as well as listening to stories, and even visiting stores that specialize in the home comforts of people from different backgrounds.

Anniete will tackle women’s problems ranging from sexual health to self-esteem-concentrating especially on the Caribbean countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She aims to do this through a network of courses and meetings for local women. Armed with greater confidence and health, women will find it easier to find jobs that can support them. Anniete, who will soon be looking for multinational sponsors, says: “The empowerment of women is important for every country’s development”

Anniete and Greta are both undergraduates in International Relations at the London campus of Hult International Business School.

Their ambitions fit well with other Hult projects. Hult International Business School runs the Global Case Challenge– a competition open to students at every business school to think up the best business solution to a problem posed by a charity chosen by Hult. This year’s charity is, which wants to solve the conundrum of how to provide clean water cheaply in low-income countries. Hult donates $1m to the earmarked charity each year, to implement the winning students’ ideas.

Hult has also launched a Master of Social Entrepreneurship, for people who want find business solutions to social problems. The program’s first students will start in September.

The Clinton Global Initiative University and Global Case Challenge are both part of the Clinton Global Initiative – a movement set up by President Bill Clinton to make the world better by making organizations and individuals commit to making a specific and measurable improvement to society.

This year’s CGIU will take place at the University of California, San Diego, on April 1-3.

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