Written by Yvonne Kloiber, Global Ambassador and Dual Degree Masters student. Hult Boston Campus, Class of 2017.

While the end of March means spring break for the majority of students in the U.S., the Hult Boston Campus is on ‘hell week’ as we prepare and study for our final exams. Because of the stress, the Hult Student Association (HSA) decided to throw a fun competition between the different program cohorts and transformed the campus into an arena. Coincidentally, we were also celebrating that week St. Patrick’s Day, which gave the campus the perfect atmosphere as it was adorned with clover leaves and images of “Patrick”.

Inter-cohort competition hosted by the Hult Student Association

During the day, the HSA reps made sure that everybody found something to participate in. The variety of games ranged from building a house of cards to dancing and sports challenges.

“In these activities, we applied a growth mindset as each of us was determined to never give up…”

Building a house of cards or balancing an egg with a spoon in the mouth might seem really easy, but it actually requires a lot of concentration and skill. In these activities, we applied a growth mindset as each of us was determined to never give up, even after our house of cards repeatedly collapsed or a teammate dropped the egg from the spoon.

In the Student Lounge, the video game players showed their skills in Mario Cart battles. Observing the contestants, the competition mode was present and everybody was really ambitious to win the race and get valuable points for their cohort.

Our ping pong table is probably one of the favorite stations in the Boston Campus for all students. During the inter-cohort competition, the players came together to find out who is the best.

Have you always wanted to play FIFA on a big screen? During our cohort competition that was possible and MIB student Filbert, from the Newbury cohort, finally decided the competition for himself.

During the day, healthy snacks delivered the energy needed by all participants.

Playing the sack race was probably the first time since childhood for everyone and we all forgot how hard and tiring it is. Out of all the games, this was definitely one of the hardest activities that required full body strength.

Shout out to an incredible staff team for competing against our students. From student services to deanery, everybody gave their best into the competition and they demonstrated to the students, that a staff team is not an easy opponent. Even though it was not enough to win, the MBA Back Bay cohort deserves a lot of respect for their strength and teamwork in the tug of war competition.

The sought-after trophy was presented by our moderator and HSA member Sachin. At the end of the day, Masters of Finance students won the competition and are now the owners of the trophy until the next inter-cohort competition.

“This experience was not just about competing and winning, but also about having fun, working in teams, building international friendships and bringing the Hult community closer together.”

Yvonne Kloiber is a Dual Degree student from Germany studying in the Hult Boston campus. She has a background in marketing and is passionate about international relations. She hopes to continue traveling the world after Hult and pursue a global leadership development program.

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