An audience of Hult faculty, staff and students in Mumbai were recently treated to a visit from Coca-Cola Group Category Director, Ania Jakubowski. Discussing the importance of Content and Connections, Ania explained how she stays connected with her team via extended visits. Many managers “go into a country for a day or two, do a couple of meetings, they put their point of views in, they look at the charts and off they go.”

Ania believes that everything is interlinked and pointed to three things that need to be near-perfect for success –

1)       Route to market – you’ve got to be able to get that brand ubiquitous

2)       Very strong brand insight – connectivity to the consumer

3)       The right balance of portfolio

Sexy marketing is no use by itself, she told her audience, because “if we don’t get the product to where you want it, and ideally cold, you’ll buy something else.”

And the most important ingredient of all for success? Connecting with and contributing to the next generation.

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