On April 18, 2008, Hult announced its partnership with Keystone Partners, a leading career management company headquartered in Massachusetts and with offices in 45 countries.

Hult’s student body represents more than 30 countries. Addressing the special needs of such diverse professionals requires career management services which are particularly equipped for their circumstances and their career goals. The knowledge and global footprint of Keystone uniquely position themselves to bring both talent management expertise and local market knowledge to all the Hult campuses. Partnering with Keystone significantly enhances Hult’s career advisory and placement capability beyond Hult’s current organizational structure.

“Achieving significant career advancement is the major reason why students choose to study for an MBA. It is essential for a successful business school to support its students in their job search and adequately prepare them to meet the needs of MBA employers. As Hult expands, it is important that our ability to place students keeps pace with the growth of the School” says Dr. Stephen Hodges, President of Hult International Business School.

With the partnership with Keystone, Hult’s Global Career Services team will be primarily focused on corporate development and bringing employment opportunities to the students. Each campus, Boston, Dubai and London, will have a team responsible for reaching out to local employers and coordinating the posting of job opportunities, mailing of resumes and arranging interviews with students. All job opportunities will be available to all students no matter which campus they are enrolled in. This will give Hult’s students access to the global job markets.

Robin Nurse, Hult’s Director of Global Career, formerly with INSEAD, will be heading the Global Career Services team at Hult to work with alumni, industry and business leaders to offer supplemental training and career related programs to facilitate Hult MBAs to become more competitive.

“This is a major step in transforming Hult into a world-class business school. The new approach fits with our entrepreneurial attitude and I believe will significantly improve the service offered to students.” says Dr. Hodges.

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