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Hult International Business School, now ranked 31st in the world for its MBA programme (Economist Intelligence Unit ‘Which MBA?’ 2008) is today continuing the expansion of its unique approach to international education. The addition of a campus in London, formerly Huron University USA in London, sees Hult’s reach extend to a fourth global city.

“Hult is a truly global school, with a campus network built around its bases in Boston, London, Dubai, and Shanghai,” says Dr. Ian Dougal, Academic Dean of the London campus. “Whether it is our Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, or MBA, Hult’s primary focus is to provide high quality and practical degrees, taught in a diverse and dynamic environment. And there is no city more diverse and dynamic than London.”

With its three other campuses in Boston, Dubai and Shanghai, Hult’s claim to being the world’s first truly global business school is well founded. The MBA curriculum on the four sites is closely integrated, and a campus rotation system ensures students will be able to study in up to three of the locations. This gives Hult graduates a competitive advantage in the 21st century workplace. Boasting a diverse student population from over 80 nations, the Hult philosophy is one of inclusive openness, and importance is placed on personal care and attention in the classroom. “Understanding different cultures is as critical to business success as expertise in finance and strength in leadership,” says Hult’s President, Dr. Stephen Hodges. “Hult is not a collection of campuses around the world. It is a single global school, with a single student body, single faculty and single administrative team.”

“The business environment is developing so rapidly it is important students see what is happening on the ground – not just read about it in case studies,” comments Dr. Hodges. “Hult will use its distinctive platform to innovate in its educational approach. Not only will students be encouraged to move between campuses, but the student bodies will interact on a day-to-day basis as part of their classes.”

Although Hult has been purely a postgraduate school for over 40 years, the London campus is paving the way for an undergraduate programme combining Business, International Relations and Communications. Undergraduates will be able to personalize their majors by adding concentrations in fields ranging from Public Policy to Creative Industries, from Finance to Global Governance. New postgraduate programs will give further opportunities for specialized and focussed education.

Ultimately, Hult places huge importance on its one-of-a-kind approach. Dr. Dougal sums up the school’s mission thus: “Hult is not an American institution, although we structure our programme on the American credit model. Rather, we are at the forefront of global higher education, crafting a cosmopolitan learning community beyond traditional borders.”

Dr. Hodges makes this point more succinctly. “There’s no other school like it. Many schools are talking about globalization but no one else is doing it the way we are.”

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