Dr. Hitendra Patel, professor of innovation and strategy at Hult International Business School’s top-ranked MBA program, will deliver a one-time seminar in Mexico City offering his perspective on uncovering the next industries, innovations, and countries that will develop and prosper as part of the next “Global Growth Story.”

Hult’s unique seminar will offer attendees practical insights to maximize their success in the ever-changing economic landscape. As a senior leader at Arthur D. Little and the Monitor Group, Dr. Patel has made a lasting impact with all types of companies by helping them identify new growth engines and develop their own capacity to innovate. This seminar expertly draws from his extensive background in the field to bring actual business practices and skilled knowledge to executives.

“We believe in communicating our message to audiences outside of our physical school” says Hult President Dr. Stephen Hodges. “Our professors possess both critical real-world experience as well as top academic credentials. What they say can directly impact how you decide to shape your career or manage your business.”

Dr. Patel is a highly respected and experienced management consultant. He is currently Managing Director of the Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership, a global training institute for companies and individuals. Prior to consulting, he worked at Motorola in the portable energy space and is the owner of six patents. He is also a founder of various venture-backed companies in Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S. As the co-author of “101 Innovation Breakthroughs and The State of Innovation at the Firm Level in Singapore” he is in the process of writing his third book: “Thinking and Acting Differently to Make Innovation Real.”

About Hult International Business School:

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