According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2008 ” Which MBA?” survey, Hult International Business School has risen the rankings, rated 16th in the U.S. and 31st in the world. Globally, Hult has moved up 8 places since last year. Nationally, Hult has climbed five spots to join the country’s top twenty most prestigious business schools. The list includes Chicago Graduate School of Business, Stanford and Harvard Business School.

Considered one of the most influential rankings in the industry, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranking is distinguished by its student-centric and global comparison of full-time MBA programs around the world. Out of the 133 business schools qualified to participate in the survey, Hult International Business School was highly competitive in terms of both its diversity and career statistics. But, Hult really stands out on the list as one of the very few U.S. schools to offer its MBA program in multiple locations in the world.

Bertil Hult, backer of the business school and founder of EF Education First-the world’s largest private education organization, states, “Excellence in education is our number one priority. Our investments have been geared towards ensuring quality and results. The school’s students, alumni, faculty, and staff have reason to be enormously proud of the recent ranking.”

“It is great for our progress as a School to be recognized,” says Hult’s President, Dr. Stephen Hodges. “We have undertaken a lot of work over the past two years to establish the Hult MBA as a truly global program. The recent rankings reflect our commitment to delivering a valuable and practical MBA education, and we look forward to making great strides in the years to come.”

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