Global business school creates research ‘ecosystems’ to study and address issues important to the future of business and education


London – Hult International Business School has launched Hult Impact Research, a renewed research strategy that supports the school’s purpose of making an impact that matters and driving innovation and engagement around broader societal issues.


Hult’s research will now be organized via intellectual communities, or ‘labs’, on specific topic areas, with each community led by a Hult faculty director and with contributions from faculty at Hult campuses around the globe, including Boston, London, San Francisco, and Dubai. Hult Impact Research launches with three initial topics: the Futures Lab, focused on global risk mitigation and future readiness; the Sustainability Lab, focused on industrial and societal sustainability transitions; and the Coaching Lab, based at the Hult Ashridge Center for Executive Coaching.


According to Johan Roos, the Chief Academic Officer at Hult International Business School, the Hult Impact Labs are designed as evolving “intellectual ecosystems” for interdisciplinary scholarship about the forces that shape management, leadership, organizations, and business today. With a focus on  practical problems and new perspectives, the Labs aim to contribute the sustainable value creation needed to advance our society. 


As part of the initiative, Hult International Business School will map a Post-Doc Fellowship program and will align its existing Doctoral programs with the new research areas.

With a focus on  practical problems and new perspectives, the Impact Labs aim to contribute the sustainable value creation needed to advance our society. 

The Hult Impact Research Futures Lab is focused on global risk mitigation and future readiness, designed to strengthen resilience and readiness for a complex tech-driven world. Research within this lab examines how the current trajectories of technologies will change societies, businesses, governments, and individual lives through the agency of behavioral sciences and data. Topics include:


  • Technology within the premise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Behavioral Data and Neuroscience
  • Foresights, Strategy, and Disruptive Business Models
  • New Organizational Models and Theories


The Hult Impact Research Sustainability Lab is focused on industrial and societal sustainability transitions, designed to accelerate the changes needed to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Sustainability Lab aims to connect practitioners and researchers to help them work together to speed up needed transitions by advancing knowledge and learning in organizations and across industry ecosystems. Topics follow the roadmap of the UN SDGs and include:


  • The existential threats of the climate and biodiversity crises
  • Achieving a life of dignity for all, free from poverty and hunger
  • Ensuring human rights are respected
  • Protecting the right to equality and freedom from discrimination
  • Encouraging wider peace and freedoms


The Hult Impact Research Coaching Lab is aligned with the Hult Ashridge Center for Executive Coaching and is designed to build bridges between science and practice in the executive coaching field. Building on an established research base and grounded in the belief that coaching is a mutual and co-created, relational practice used to inform the continuing development of executive coaching and supervision qualification programs, the Coaching Lab aims to advance knowledge in the important field of coaching. Through qualitative and quantitative research, this community will explore new ways of working, new applications for coaching, and new ways of delivering impact.


The Ashridge Center for Coaching, formed in 2005, is an internationally recognized center of research excellence in the field of Executive Coaching, as well as a leading innovator and provider of standards for the profession.


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