Hult’s newest book demystifies the game-changing practices of today’s most successful businesses and explores how they connect with customers

(BOSTON – July 24, 2012) ‘Connectivate! Companies Innovating to Be Always Available,’ tells the story of 50 companies that have revolutionized the way they communicate with customers. All 50 share the same characteristic: being available anytime and anywhere. The authors have coined the term ‘connectivate’ to describe the different ways these companies have used people and technology to make themselves constantly available.

The book provides the insight and tools readers need to assess how their businesses can better connectivate. It describes the attributes of successful connectivations, which include increasing consumer trust, simplifying search, and increasing the customer base. These connectivations can have a massive impact on businesses in terms of how quickly and efficiently they bring new ideas to market.

Organizations such as Amazon, eHarmony, TED, and Quirky are examined in terms of their customer appeal, novelty and impact. The book also plots and analyses the breakthrough ideas that allowed each company to capitalize on its connectivation.

For example, the authors explain the way Yelp has used trusted reviews to gain more than 53 million monthly visitors. Previously, visitors had to rely on city guides that were either filled with directory listings or professional reviews of local places such as restaurants and attractions. Yelp has harnessed the desire of people to share experiences, combined it with online technology, and implemented a revenue stream where businesses pay to have themselves listed first.

Dr. Hitendra Patel, Hult’s Professor of Innovation and Managing Director of the IXL Center, a leading innovation management consultancy, said: “It’s crucial for companies to understand how communication, information and technology is shaping the new business dynamic of being always-available and how this can be harnessed to improve both the company’s offering and its bottom line.”

Dr. Stephen Hodges, President of Hult International Business School, added: “This book takes an analytical approach, helping readers make sense of the shifting sands of modern business. It demonstrates the thought-leadership for which Hult is renowned.”

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