From Hult faculty fighting corruption, research on the damaging dynamics of power, the unveiling of our new Executive Masters program, award-winning alumni, to the latest Hult Prize developments—it’s been a busy month for Hult in the press. Here is a round-up of our top 5 press features in March.

1. Professor Alessandro Lanteri for the World Economic Forum

Undergraduate Professor of Entrepreneurship Alessandro Lanteri writes for the World Economic Forum about 5 ways universities can join the fight against corruption. In laying out the ‘business case against corruption’, Lanteri notes that the socio-economic global value of bribes is equal to $1 trillion per year. From leading by example and resisting unethical practices internally, to formally teaching ethics and anti-corruption to students, universities can play a major role in curbing malpractice both in terms of economic influence and of the graduates they produce.

2. Hult’s Executive Masters program in Forbes

Forbes publishes a feature on Hult’s “radical” new Executive Masters in Organizational Change (EMOC) program. This practical program is designed for anyone looking to steer their company through periods of volatile disruption. Hult’s Academic Director Steve Marshall explains that participants will be tackling the issues their companies are currently facing, in what Forbes describes as “a rejection of the Harvard b-school case method in favor of live cases that participants and their sponsoring organizations bring to the program”.

3. Ahmad Ashkar wins Esquire’s Entrepreneur of the Year award

Hult alumnus and founder of the Hult Prize, Ahmad Ashkar, is awarded Esquire magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. Read the interview with Ahmad here and learn more about the person whose game-changing idea as a Hult MBA student led to what is now the world’s largest student competition and movement for social good. Also in Hult Prize news, Mic met with the Rutgers University team who recently won the regional finals in the ‘Hult Prize @’ category. Their concept, Roshni Rides—an eco-friendly rickshaw service for refugees—will go through the Hult Prize accelerator on Hult’s Boston campus this summer, along with the other finalist teams. The teams will then pilot their programs before going head to head in the annual Hult Prize Finals this September, where the winners will take away $1 million USD in startup capital.

4. Professor Cari Guittard for The Huffington Post

Hult Professor of Women’s Leadership, Corporate Diplomacy and International Negotiations Cari Guittard writes in The Huffington Post about her inspirational meeting with Anne Devereux-Mills, founder of San Francisco-based Parlay House, a network for ambitious women.

5. Professor Megan Reitz for the Harvard Business Review

Hult Professor of Leadership and Dialogue for Ashridge Executive Education, Megan Reitz co-authors an article in the Harvard Business Review about speaking truth to power. The article draws on a two-year research study that she and co-author John Higgins have recently published. It considers the paradox of powerful leaders saying (and believing) that they are approachable but remaining judgmental and intimidating. It lists some self-reflective questions for leaders to consider if they are serious about being approachable. Ultimately, self-awareness and a degree of humility are key for any CEO wanting their employees to be honest with them.

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Mel Cloney is a staff blogger working in London, and is passionate about the Hult journey. Her writing focuses on faculty, academics, and student and alumni experiences. She’s a food, scuba, and running junkie with a penchant for all things French.