The MIT European Career Fair (MIT ECF) is an annual recruiting event organized by the MIT European Club. This year the Hult Smart Solutions Club in Boston, had the opportunity to collaborate with MIT European Club in the organization of one of the largest European recruiting events the United States.

Around 4,000 candidates and 90 entities participated in the event, held at MIT, February 1, 2014. Four Hult Boston MBA students were members of the planning committee that began work on the event last September; Natalia Angel (United States), Markus Schmidthuysen (Germny), Jose Serna (Spain) and Hult Smart Solutions Club President Founder and President, Paulo Oliveira (Portugal).

“We all know that the Hult MBA is a one year program and for most of the students this is the first time in US. To build a strong club and an effective network we knew that we had to move fast and go “beyond the walls”. We chose to cooperate with MIT European Club by 3 main reasons: (1) Help MIT European Club organizing the event and learn from them, (2) Raise HULT´s brand awareness in Boston area and (3) Help HULT students to succeed in their search for a job,” Paulo Oliveira, President & Founder of Smart Solutions Club.  The purpose of the club is to solve “smart problems”, helping students to focus on their core activities, studies and career.

During the planning and execution of the event the Hult representatives held responsibilities in public and press relations, working with embassies and consulates.  They also assisted with shipping, to ensure that all the supplies from Europe arrived in Boston and the event.  Another key area the students were involved in was audio and video equipment and operation.

Over 200 current Hult Boston students and alumni attended the event including Hult MBA candidate Christiane Mendes from Brazil, “The real learning of concepts comes when you face them. Collaboration and risk exposures were just a few we´ve faced in the European Career fair at MIT! Definitely a great initiative led by the Hult Smart Solutions Club.”

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