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No Two Weeks the Same

Pamela Wagner worked for one of the biggest companies in the world before founding her own venture. She also established a new way of working—one that allowed her to travel widely, think creatively, and follow her heart. She shares a look at her “typical” week, and what it means to make work work for you.

Pamela Wagner
Masters in International Business
Class of 2014
Vienna, Austria






Hult: How do you describe your working life, Pamela?

Pamela Wagner: I think it’s best described as: I work when I want, from where I want, with who I want, and how I want. Being able to choose these four factors is probably what lots of people call the ultimate freedom.

H: Is it a lifestyle you sought out?

PW: Yes, it was an intentional choice. When I left Google, I had the chance to do things exactly how I wanted—for the first time, really, in my life, so I ended up creating my own company. I think it had always been in my subconscious to do things my way. My mind is always focused on finding opportunities to make that a reality.

H: How do you find balance?

PW: I believe people should hustle less and live more. There are only really five or six productive hours in a day; beyond that we may be busy being busy, but we’re not creating. We have to take care of setting focused working hours and getting stuff done, but at the same time make sure we go to the gym, meditate, meet with friends, and do whatever feels good.

H: What can we do to achieve this lifestyle?

PW: It all starts with self-awareness and caring less what other people think. A lot of people choose jobs just for their CV, or encourage a culture of minimal sleep, maximum work hours. We need to stop and ask, am I doing this to fit in? Or is it something I really want to do that makes me happy? That’s what it boils down to.

H: How can employers help their employees live better?

PW: As leaders, be more transparent in yourselves—like parents and children, your behaviors will be echoed back at you. Bring more of the human element to work and everyone will benefit.

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Want to feel empowered to design your own working week? Pamela is a graduate of Hult’s Masters in International Business program.