Last weekend, the Hult Alumni Relations team hosted the second generation of the Hult Alumni Committee at our Ashridge campus. The HAC is a group of passionate Hult alumni who volunteer their time, experience and expertise to work in partnership with the school to positively strengthen engagement with our growing global community. All members of the HAC were either referred or self-nominated and then selected by Hult senior management.

Their Purpose:

  • Provide input and feedback from the broader Hult alumni community
  • Help to keep the community informed of the ongoing priorities and future direction of the Alumni Association
  • Assist chapters with active engagement of alumni members
  • Explore personal network to help add value to alumni experience by engagement of speakers/coaches for alumni events
  • Promoting active events calendar of the local chapter to personal alumni network in order to increase attendance.
  • Educate current students/alumni on experience-based market and industry trends, offer advice on job search and career development strategies
  • Engage employers and companies to do business challenges, pitch challenges and Hire Hult students #HultHiresHult

If you would like to contribute or get in touch, please reach out directly to your chosen HAC 2.0 members:

Anniete Cohn-Lois, Hult BBA and MSE, Washington, USA

Muhammad Ali Hult MBA , London, UK

Nick Griffith Ashridge MBA , Berkhamsted, UK

Jonathan Crook, Ashridge MBA, Colchester, UK

Cristian Fournies, Hult MBA, San Francisco, USA

Daniel Gomez, Hult MFIN, San Francisco, USA

Marta Basso, Hult MIB, Milan, Italy

Pamela Wagner, Hult MIB, Vienna, Austria

Jimmy Bach, Hult MBA, Copenhagen, Denmark

Johannes Solzbach, Hult MFIN, London, UK

Maria Dolores Montenegro, Hult MBA, Boston, USA

Felipe Hessel, Hult MBA, London, UK


Hult alumni Ashridge

The team spent the entire weekend at Ashridge brainstorming and delivering ideas to each other about shaping the future strategy of the alumni community and what value can be added to the Post Hult journey of our graduates. It is great to see that so many people are happy to volunteer their time and energy to invest in their own brand and the betterment of Hult International Business School.

To learn about how you can get involved and add value to our efforts, please email:

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