Rob Freedman is an MBA student at Hult – San Francisco and is the Chairman of Bridge, one of the student clubs on campus.  We asked him to share information about the purpose and goals of the club, along with an upcoming event:

“Here in San Francisco we have started a student interest club which plans to organize events and collaborate with other clubs to raise money for a range of charities over the year. We have called this club “Bridge”, because that is what we are trying to be: to be the bridge between Hult students, the school, the community and perhaps most importantly businesses in the Bay Area. Our fundraising target for the year is $10,000 and our website (which is still in development) can be found here:

Our first major event, being organized in conjunction with Hult IBS Student Services, is our “White Night” Holiday Party at Circa on Friday December 9th.  Being the holiday season we thought a charity that works with the homeless would be a good cause to support; we thought this was particularly appropriate also because I think the scale of homelessness in the city was something we were all shocked by as international students new to San Francisco.  Therefore, all proceeds made from the Holiday Party will be going to the Coalition on Homelessness (, a local San Francisco charity that has been working with homeless people in the city for over 20 years; they work to help families and immigrants, provide housing and also publish the Street Sheet which provides the homeless vendors with a source of income. I hope you’ll agree that this is a great cause to support, particularly at this time of year, and so look forward to seeing everyone at Circa on December 9th!”

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