So, you’re #HeadingToHult. But are you ready for Hult? What follows is your one-stop shop for everything to get you ready for September. All you’re about to read is straight outta campus—either from the faculty or students, meaning you’re getting the honest, full picture of what your Hult experience will actually look like! But first, let’s start with a quick recap. 


Confirmed Students Go Live: 05/21/2022 

Were you there? No worries if not but you missed a treat. Confirmed students from every corner of the world gathered for an unmissable online event. From clubs to careers we left no stone unturned in bringing the Hult community to you. Here’s a quick rundown of what was on offer: 

1.) Wise words and a warm welcome from the deans 

2.) Virtual sessions of campus-specific activities for London, Boston, San Fransisco, and Dubai 

3.) A quickfire masterclass with actual Hult professors Max Neal, Michael McCarthy, and Arjita Sethi 

4.) Club presidents on hand to fire you up for your next side hustle  

5.) Chatting through your next career move with the alumni who’ve already made it big 


Feeling the FOMO? Well, never fear because there’s still a chance to get all those burning questions answered in real-time. Introducing … 

Dean’s Round Table Coffee Chat: 07/28/2022 

In this virtual get-together, Deans Ted and Mary, as well as Associate Deans Mary and Namrata will endeavor to answer every question you’ve got. Got specific questions on campus, curriculum, or community? Then come along. Whatever you want to know about Hult, these academic titans can tell you. Crank up the cafeteria! 

How are campuses preparing? 

Professors from London, Boston, and San Fransisco have their say on what they’re most looking forward to come September



What advice do our current students have?  

Who better to ask for the inside track on all things Hult than the students currently living it? Here are three (well, seven) things actual students wish they’d known before #HeadingToHult 


Katelyn Fyvie, Master’s in International Marketing, London, Class of 2022, South African 

What are the top three tips you would give future students?  

Breathe. Smile. Say hi to someone. The rest will follow.” 

What would you do differently?  

Appreciate and enjoy the one-on-one encounters. You could have the most interesting conversation ever! Give it time.” 

What are the three things you enjoyed the most about your time at Hult?  

I enjoyed learning about other cultures as well as having a space created for me to be open and ask questions. I also loved just straight up studying. Learning is a privilege, never forget that. 😊” 


Tabitha Michael, Master’s in International Marketing, London, Class of 2022, Nigerian 

What are the top three tips you would give future students?  

“Arrive on campus early. You don’t want to miss out on welcoming events organized by the campus, for you to network with your future colleagues and make friends from the get-go.” 

“Do not miss the career events! I cannot emphasize this enough. It is very helpful and will make your job hunting journey easier. You have the career team readily available to help you with one-on-one coaching, mock interviews, and simulations, as well as job fairs and networking events to boost your confidence.” 

“Be open-minded. People meet their business partners, besties, dream job referrals, and many more, within this 1-year period, make good use of it, and enjoy it all!” 

Was there anything you would do differently? 

“I don’t regret anything, but I think if there was anything I could change, it would be ensuring that I arrived to campus early. By the time I arrived, class was on full blast coupled with settling into a new country. It was difficult to manage all at once initially, but I got my feet back after some weeks, and am enjoying every bit of this journey now!” 

What are the three things you enjoyed the most about your time at Hult? 

“The highly professional and supportive staff. Their emotional intelligence is incredible, and they are always eager to help.” 

“The group work. The Future Mindset Challenge was the most challenging project I have ever undertaken. I was stretched! But I loved every minute of the experience because it was useful to my professional growth. It was even better when my team won an award at the end of the challenge. Worth it!” 

“I love the social events! I was always looking forward to the next one, ha-ha! Look out for those!” 


Armando Coviello, MBA, Dubai, Class of 2022, Italian 

What are the top three tips you would give future students? 

“Do an Excel course. I studied law and work in the finance sector but never really had an opportunity to properly get into Excel. It’s an essential program—get into it.” 

“Get reading! Getting the jump on the main course topics by reading relevant texts and documents is great advice.” 

“Go to online events. They’ll help you make new friends and give you a feel for the school you’ve just joined.”  

Was there anything you would do differently? 

“Not much, it was mostly great! I might have found different accommodation or joined more student sharing groups on social media.” 

What are the three things you enjoyed the most about your time at Hult? 

“Networking. The lifestyle. My own personal development.” 


Mei Hwa Wong, MBA, Boston, Class of 2022, Malaysian 

What are the top three tips you would give future students when coming to campus?  

“Come with an open mind and be ready to meet different people from all over the world.” 

“Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers—enjoy the process and journey.” 

“Bring something from home to cure the homesickness (if any).” 

Was there anything you would do differently? 

“Do it all over again, perhaps? Seriously though, I’d probably help to organize more events with the cohorts from different programs so we could explore the city together and get to know each other a little bit more.” 

What are the three things you enjoyed the most about your time at Hult? 

“The lifelong friends I’ve made.” 

“The learnings from professors and peers.” 

“The opportunities that have been presented to me during my time here.” 


Feeling fired up? If your new chapter at Hult is only a few months away, why not get involved with the hashtag #HeadingToHult to let us know about your unique journey to campus. See you in September!