Hult students left business behind in the name of fitness and fundraising on April 26 for the fourth annual Run in Blue 5K race in San Francisco.

Seventy participants – mostly students, with a few staff, professors, and guests mixed in – donned bright blue t-shirts and took to the Lindley Field trail in Golden Gate Park for the event, which was organized by the Health and Fitness Club, the Hult Student Association, and the Student Services department. Many of Hult’s five global campuses host the fundraiser each spring. In San Francisco, this year’s Run in Blue was incorporated into an entire “Active April” campaign focusing on health and wellness. The event offers the Hult community a chance to get outside and run (or walk) a 5K route, with the proceeds from entry fees going to a charity of the school’s choice. This year, Hult San Francisco students ran for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research, raising over $900 for the organization.

Hult San Francisco’s winners were:

Individual female: Diana Sanchez

Individual male: Matteo Pastore

Team: Kirstine Larsen, Edrian Luna, and Thibaut Martin

But the main goal of the day was to get out and have fun – the race was followed by a picnic and games in the park.

“Everybody was excited to spend a day outdoors with their Hult friends,” said lead student organizer Stefano Picker, MBA, who documented runners crossing the finish line with a video. “It was a beautiful day of sport, camaraderie, and fun.”

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