On 23 January, after two years of metamorphosis, Huron University USA in London was reborn as the London campus of Hult International Business School. The occasion was marked by a grand celebration at Russell Square, with speeches by Chairman of the Board Philip Hult, University President Stephen Hodges, former Huron’s Chair of the Board Nicholas Barber, and Olympic medal-winner Cristina Teuscher.

Looking Back

Before we bid farewell to the Huron name, we should remember some important achievements and milestones in its history.

Huron College was founded in Huron, South Dakota in the 1880s. The London story began in 1988, when Lansdowne College became Huron University USA in London. Its greatest achievement is its graduates: over the last 21 years, more than 1500 young men and women from over 100 nations have received Huron-London Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. They have gone on to distinguish themselves in business, government service, the media, and other professions, not only in their home countries, but also in the UK and the USA.

In addition Huron London has hosted hundreds of visiting students from the USA and elsewhere. For many of them, a summer or a semester in London has been a life-changing experience. Indeed, many have returned as transfer or graduate students. Huron is almost as proud of its diverse, committed, energetic and stimulating teachers, some of whom have been with it from the start and will continue to engage and inform Hult students for years to come.

In the last two decades, Huron has gone through three phases. The first five years, under the leadership of Provost Gordon Bennett, saw the inauguration of a campus on Palace Gate in Kensington and the development of the relationship with sister campuses in South Dakota and Japan. From 1994 to 2005, Provost Ray Hilditch guided Huron through a period of growth and enormous change. Notable milestones in this period were the two moves: to Princes Gate in 1994 and to Russell Square in 2004. It also saw Huron gain not-for-profit and, in 2003, full UK charitable status. During that period Huron strengthened its US accreditation through strategic alliances with Marlboro College and Southern New Hampshire University, and gained UK accreditation from the British Accreditation Council. From 2005 to 2008, Provost Bruce Stanley consolidated Huron’s future by negotiating a merger with Hult.

We are grateful to everyone who has played a part in this story – board members, faculty and staff, a world-wide network of associates and well-wishers. But above all our thanks go to the students and graduates who have brought life and energy to Huron for the past 21 years.

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