Hult International Business School was pleased to host Former Governor of Massachusetts (1975-1979, 1983-1991) and Democratic Candidate for the 1988 US Presidential Election, Michael Dukakis, for an informative and lively discussion on the Global Economy and Challenges Ahead.

Governor Dukakis spoke about his career path that led him to become the Democratic candidate for the US presidential election. He acknowledged the current crisis in Greece in particular, and welcomed the recent agreement by Eurogroup Ministers to endorse a three year program of support which has strong conditionality attached to assist Greece. Recognizing that the world is in a time of economic crisis, he noted that such crises can also present us with an opportunity to reform the way we operate and re-visit how we implement basic principles.

Governor Dukakis commented on the state of the US economy and mentioned the country had come a long way since the beginning of the financial crisis when many institutions were on the brink of financial collapse and the economy was going into reverse.

Students asked questions about his domestic and international experiences, policies and beliefs. Governor Dukakis connected with students regarding the international makeup of the US, pointing out how far we have come and where we still need to go in improving equality and justice for all.

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