In his twitter words:

Started 1st agency 1994, now run pioneering eCRM agency Underwired. Eternal optimist, glider pilot, foodie, love dancing. Wanna be here when the future comes

“ If all Groupon is going to do is offer me haircuts I don’t need, they go straight into my junk folder”

Additional quotes from Felix’s talk today:

“When you are looking at acquisition, look at people first, then behaviours.”

“Marketing is about insight that leads to much better results”

“The easiest way to make the highest impact change to a marketing programme is through segmentation”

“…you can double income every two years, but only if you do it by 3% a month…”

“to create a relationship with customers, we must do it in a series of incremental steps”

“Doing things slowly over time has a greater chance of optimising customer lifetime value”

About Underwired

The UK’s leading eCRM agency and full service digital agency offering customer retention and segmentation strategies for major retail, FMCG and e-commerce. Underwired’s clients include Virgin, McCain Foods, ASICS and The Economist Group

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