It takes energy, positivity, and growth mindset to be able to adapt your perspective in the current circumstances—and even go beyond it to see a world of opportunities. I was as worried and uncertain as anybody else about virtual learning. I’ve traditionally been a “classic” student: notebook and pen, attending courses and lectures with printed books…Until I had my first virtual course with the incredible professor Nick Wake.

The course was Operations Management. And what could be more relevant than this, in the current circumstances of the outbreak of Coronavirus “COVID-19”? With the unprecedented disruption to the global supply chain and world economy that it brings. In particular, looking at the theoretical frameworks and how to plan crisis management to ensure business continuity and avoid “the Titanic mindset”.

The learnings, knowledge, and experiences shared were outstanding. And the real “wow” factor is that the school, the incredibly passionate professor Nick Wake, and the course have all transformed me from a “pre-corona person” to a “post-corona person”. Ready for the future, ready to embrace change, agile, with a resilient mindset. Contagiously impacted by the positive energy, passion, and transfer of knowledge transmitted through data, screens, wires, and computers by professor Nick, my colleagues, and friends.


What did I enjoy the most about this course?

Social interaction

  • Connecting with my colleagues, my friends—and meeting new ones
  • Discussing, talking, and sharing ideas with everyone and not worrying about social distancing (it is virtual after all!)


  • We work much faster, much more effectively, and drive results because everyone is focused, with their tools, laptops/PC/tablets. And this leads to very effective sharing of information, documents, and idea-exchange
  • We go to the team rooms with a simple click, rather than booking rooms, finding rooms, connecting, setting up work…in e-learning, we travel in time at gigabyte speed
  • You can also check your phone (sometimes!)


  • It is definitely for the best of our health and safety, which is paramount to Hult


  • We dress professionally to take the courses but we enjoy feeling at home and relaxed
  • The camera only shows the top half of our bodies, so shorts, no shoes, and no socks is allowed!
  • During course days, we can also share breaks with our families at home—even lunch—which is a rare treat in our usually busy lives


  • We don’t have to drive or commute anymore. This gives us more time to study, relax, or prepare our work


  • For those who use cars, we don’t have to look for parking anymore and we save on fuel, parking, and even traffic fines (not unheard of if you’re running late for a lecture!)

Teamwork (assignments)

  • Very effective, very efficient—and we get to progress with our work much faster because we’re able to connect at every break time


  • Some of us use very creative virtual backgrounds!
  • We also make jokes and can chat with each other—even if physically it would’ve been impossible during the lecture… and the cool part of it: the professor will never know!
  • We share emoticons and signs every time we want to express ourselves


  • It’s the new normal, for now at least, and we need to work smart, learn fast, and embrace technology


  • This is going to develop much faster, on a bigger scale, using much more powerful tools and software

The future

  • This is exactly what Hult is preparing us for—to be ready for today and stronger for tomorrow


Come and join the journey of champions in class, around the world, and virtually!




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