“Student are expected to have 40 years worth of insight about these companies in order to propose a game-changing solution for growth. The single biggest challenge they face is this lack of insight. But they learn quickly.”

-Hitendra Patel, Ph.D., chair of Hult’s Innovation and Growth Action Learning Program in conjunction with the IXL Center

Hult’s Shanghai campus is abuzz with Action Project activity. On this campus alone over 200 MBA students will be placed in teams of 5 and assigned to a leading business or company to solve a real business problem.

Each team will be led by a faculty advisor and meet with high-level executives from Fortune 500 companies including Alcatel-Lucent, AZ Medical Devices, Cigna, Nike, Pernod Ricard, Samsung Cheil Industries, Spirax Sarco Engineering, Syngenta, and Weight Watchers.

In six weeks they will develop insights about the particular industry and business, identify breakthrough ideas, develop business concepts and build a full-fledged plan for growth to present to senior executives and CEOs.

It is the most rigorous conclusion to a life-changing year for an MBA student, but it’s one that prepares them to develop strategic thinking about innovation and growth, and for success in international business.

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