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Bill is an expert in marketing. After studying Business Studies with Marketing in Bournemouth, he worked in the advertising industry for many years. Bill left GE at the same time as his brother had resigned from the position of Head of Strategy for Dell EMEA. Both from the world of marketing, they discussed possible ways of how to market themselves.

The brothers started changing their pitches, suddenly receiving multiple job offers. A few head-hunters asked Bill which book had he found such good advice on writing CVs. “They come from a book that hasn’t been written yet and it’s by Bill and Michael Faust,” he answered.

Today, Bill works at many of the top universities and business schools around the world, from Insead to Cranfield, Vlerick to Lancaster, MIT to Oxford and Warwick to QUT in Australia. He is asked to talk about his experiences and gives advice on the preparation one must do to put a personal marketing strategy together to be successful in securing one’s ideal role.

The problem for most post-grads, he says, is to prove and evidence their competencies although they know they have them. “Most of the companies tell you on their website what they want to see, so prepare yourself”

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