Apprenticeship Skills Scan

The Skills Scan is an online assessment that is completed by every apprenticeship applicant and their line manager at the application stage.

The aim of the Skills Scan is to make sure that the apprenticeship will meet the knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements of the apprentice, and deliver maximum impact for the apprentice and their organisation.

Apprenticeship Skills Scan

What is the Skills Scan?

The skills scan process aims to place the line manager at the heart of the apprenticeship process. The apprenticeship candidate and their line manager will score the candidate’s existing knowledge against the requirement on of the standard. Part of the skills scan is to help identify who the subject matter experts are within the organisation, who will play a significant role in the apprentice’s journey.

The skills scans are unique to each apprenticeship and can be used by employers to identify the skills shortages within the organisation or department and to pre-assess the suitability of employees to join the apprenticeship.

Demonstrating Development Outcomes

Every apprenticeship applicant and their line manager are required to complete the online Skills Scan. To get the funding for the apprenticeship, the Skills Scan must show that the apprenticeship programme selected will provide a minimum of 50% new learning for the apprentice.

Beyond the application process and throughout the apprenticeship, the learner and their line manager will repeat the process to demonstrate the development of their knowledge, skills and behaviours.

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Skills Scan

The Skills Scan is a vital part of the apprenticeship application process for apprentices and line managers.

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