Written by JoonYong Jun, Global Ambassador and MBA Class of 2018.

Have you ever reached a point when you just can’t process any more information?

If you are a fellow Hult student like me or in a fast-paced job, then you should definitely know this feeling. There comes a time when you try so hard to put more information into your brain, but it just does not seem to do its job. Perhaps you are preparing for a presentation and you reach a point when you cannot progress any further no matter how hard you try. Maybe you are studying for an exam and you can’t study beyond three chapters of your thick textbook. Yes, we have all been there. It’s the point where your brain cannot process any more.


“When working hard, you need to remember not to lose yourself.”

As you read the last paragraph, you might have thought that I would go on to give you tips to help you progress further down the road. Maybe some guidelines to help you push yourself to get the work done. To quote my favorite character in Big Bang Theory, “Bazinga!”. No, sorry. But what I want to suggest to you, is something which is sometimes easier said than done… to RELAX. Take it easy. Sometimes being hard on yourself is not the right way to do things.

Putting pressure on yourself to get the best results

Everyone wants to get the best result in whatever it is they’re trying to achieve. Everyone wants to stand out, be number one and be recognized by others as a smart and important figure. That always feels good. However, there comes a point when you stress yourself out that little bit too much, and you break. The human body and mind are not designed like a machine, and we can’t just go on and on. When working hard you need to remember not to lose yourself. You need to take the right amount of breaks, and as a Hultian there are a lot of ways to do that.


Networking. Who said that networking is just a tool for job searching? I have been to a lot of job fairs, meetups, and other networking events, where I am always amazed by meeting so many brilliant and smart people who inspire me. You meet people and by sharing your stories with them, you can take your mind off the things that tire you. If meeting new people is not your thing, try talking to the friends who already love you. Being with your true friends can always refresh your mind and brighten up your day.

Ease your mind

Since you’re probably doing a lot of reading on your own (as assignments), I am not going to put it as one of my recommendations – even though I personally love doing more of it. But I am going to recommend you to go out and watch some movies, musicals or plays, which I think are visual versions of a paper book. Watching and listening to these visual books have always eased my mind, and I hope they do the same for you. They have also given me some space to do some creative thinking as they show you different perspectives of life. I think that is what art does to people, which is why it is always nice to listen to your favorite music, or go and view some art.

Finding what works for you

There are a lot of ways to relax and take your mind off things that stress you out. I also like doing yoga, going to the gym, jogging, and just taking a long and healthy sleep. Maybe there are some ways that only work for you. All I want to tell you is that it is OK to have that time to reduce your own amount of stress. People come to Hult to study and reach their goal, but you are also here to experience a lot! You won’t be able to do that if your body or mind breaks at some point. So, just do it and do what makes you feel really happy. After all, that is the purpose of life.

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JoonYong JunJoonYong Jun is an MBA student at Hult San Francisco Campus. He has 6 years of work experience as a salesman and a marketing manager in the IT industry. He enjoys playing video games and is a huge fan of superhero movies.

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