I stand on the balcony of my house, enjoying the warmness of sunrise in the early morning, and I start to recall all the things we have done in the past three months. 2020 was a special year because we were all living in the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic. I have asked myself many times about my biggest impression of Hult— what makes it so unique from the other similar business schools?

I can say that the most impressive and insightful experiences I have had at Hult are the unique ways of teaching by the professors. What truly makes Hult special isn’t just the course contents or the environment; it’s how each professor uses their own “special strategies” that offer a more flexible way of learning by us students and guide us to develop our ideas through open discussions and the amount and variety of activities.

Here I will share some characteristics of how teachings at Hult are unique and exciting, which I hope will be useful for anyone who’s interested in the school’s business programs.


Fun conversations

During the classes, the professors always know when everyone is tired and needs time to process the massive takeaways of the business concepts from the lesson. This is when they give us a break by relating these concepts back to their real-life stories. It’s fascinating to listen to their experiences and the best part is you get to relax while you continue to receive vital information from the course.

I believe that humor should be a key component in a professor’s teaching style, especially in a business school, because it makes you more open to learning and helps you process information more creatively. Recalling my Storytelling class, our professor, Dr. Hamwee, often shared fun stories to show us the importance of presentation skills, like how you should use appropriate body language for your audience. We enjoyed the talking and, more importantly, we got to know our professor better and we learned how to communicate with humor while sharing knowledge.


Coursework models

Unlike traditional business classes, Hult professors don’t follow old-fashioned methods like reading tons of textbooks and taking notes. They take parts of that but use a more balanced model involving lots of different forms of business activities. One of my favorite assignments was the group business pitch, where we worked together in a team with our classmates to design a business and launch it to a target audience.

We put ourselves in the position of actual businessman, learn from the process, and are able to construct a better identity for our products. There are no worries about saying something wrong or acting silly during these activities because no one teases each other or tells you off. There’s only positive, constructive feedback and advice from professors or classmates.

These courses motivated me to dig deeper into aspects that I have never developed before my business major. It strengthens my skills in business writing and analysis but also activates my new abilities in business.


Accurate presentation of contents

I have seen and experienced many different forms of teaching in my previous schools. The study materials prepared by each professor I’ve had at Hult are all concise and accurate and quickly get you to the main point of a specific theory or topic. This can save time for students and free us up to learn things quicker and explore more aspects, rather than spending too much time reading pages of a document that won’t give us these skills.

The professors will often organize these points by bolding out the keywords and phrases, highlighting potential theories that students may not understand at the side, and leaving time for us to ask questions. We also have the opportunity to “be a teacher” and share our thought process on a particular topic. Everyone has a free and equal chance to contribute their personal ideas and for everyone to learn from each other.

I’m glad to have had these professors accompany me for my first year and for them to have been so exciting and supportive. 2021 is a new year, and I hope all of us can continue to work together and grow through these effective non-traditional learning processes, improving ourselves to an even higher level of business acumen!