Magnus Lind spoke to a packed room of Hult Students on the topic:

The importance on being the Authentic You and How Failure Changed My Life

“I have visited every event. Honestly, that was the best one. Magnus was speaking about his life experience, he was trying to share his thoughts where other speakers were speaking only about their career and companies”.  – Vastiliy Bogdanov, Hult Student

Magnus E. Lind

Has a Master of Science from Chalmers University of Technology. Magnus professional career has primarily taken place in the financial sector, as executive director in two banks and one listed corporation, managing trading floors and treasury centres. During the past 20 years, Magnus has been an international entrepreneur in the financial sector where he founded consultancy and software companies and a financial think tank. He also invests in start-ups using the principle of securing the trinity of product attractiveness, market demand and extraordinary people. Magnus has a thorough understanding of the global financial markets, business models, drivers, participants, policy and regulatory framework, and its limitations and opportunities.

Magnus has two daughters just starting their university studies, and his past time is mostly spent cycling and running.