Dr. Hitendra Patel, professor of Innovation and Growth at Hult International Business School and a former leader of Monitor Group’s Innovation Practice had published a research paper of India’s most innovative companies on Business Today, the leading business magazine in India.

In the cover story of Business Today’s upcoming issue, Dr. Patel, as a senior leader at Monitor Innovation, worked with a team as an advisor and key contributor, performed an innovation study of companies in eight different sectors in India.

To learn more about the research paper, please visit the cover story in Business Today.

Back in February 2008, Dr. Patel has been appointed as the professor of Innovation and Growth at Hult, as an expanded role of the school’s accelerating progress and global expansion. Dr. Patel will be teaching in both the campuses of Boston and Dubai.

Dr. Patel is currently writing his third book, Thinking and Acting Differently to Make Innovation Real after his last publications 101 Innovation Breakthroughs and The State of Innovation at the Firm Level in Singapore.

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