Hult has made real gains in Bloomberg Businessweeks’ best US business schools MBA ranking in 2022. Coming in at #58, we’re up 10 places since the last year’s ranking. What makes this ranking especially impressive is the substantial improvement we’ve made over the past couple of years. Three years ago, we were positioned at #100 which is a massive climb of 42 places to where we are now.

Topping the subcategories

As well as placing highly in the overall rankings, Hult has received stand-out positions in other key categories. To give context, we’ve quoted Bloomberg Businessweek directly to further highlight what exactly these categories constitute:

  • #4 for Diversity—Diversity in the classroom, innovation, collaboration with peers and leadership building.” 
  • #17 for Entrepreneurship—“Learn about innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability at a global level and enhance future mindset.” 
  • #22 for Learning—“The interactions and learning that you get by working with multicultural teams.” 

These highlights support our school’s focus on creating a multicultural learning environment that encourages students to have a forward-thinking and entrepreneurial mindset.

Bloomberg’s ranking methodology

Bloomberg has been using learning and entrepreneurship to assess the caliber of schools and, for the 2021-22 ranking, has introduced diversity as another index. For the first time, schools are providing data on race, ethnicity, and gender in their classes in a standardized way that Bloomberg can measure. In the first year of introducing this index, we’re incredibly proud to already be ranked within the top 10.

See more details about the methodology.

With a strong focus on designing programs that provide students with the knowledge and skills that reflect the needs of employers and entrepreneurs today, we look forward to welcoming more accolades this coming year.



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