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(BOSTON – October 29, 2012)—“Not all business schools are the same. Not all business graduates are the same.” That’s the theme of Hult International Business School’s television advertisement airing on CNN today, which embodies Hult’s mission of providing international, farsighted and practical business education for global leaders.

The commercial, produced in Los Angeles by the award-winning production company Logan under the creative direction of Dave Smith, Simon Carbery and Nikki Fox, shows business professionals moving in slow motion high above the Earth, looking down on the skyscrapers of an ultra-modern city while mysterious, thought-provoking music plays in the background.

“The creative direction of the campaign reflects Hult’s dedication to delivering a business education that transcends ‘flat-world’ thinking,” says Alex Bunch, Hult Creative Director. “Our aim was to highlight the fact that Hult graduates possess a unique and more profound perspective of the global market.”

Hult students hail from more than 120 countries, which is why many alumni describe the school as a “mini United Nations.” Hult students can choose one of five campuses across the world to begin their business degree – Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai – but they are encouraged to internationalize their degree even further by studying at up to two more campuses, including two rotation centers in New York City and Sao Paulo. This global offering has earned Hult top ranks (#1 in International Experience and #3 in International Business) in the Financial Times 2012 ranking.

The 15-second spot will be broadcast in the United States starting on October 29th, 2012 on CNN programs, including Anderson Cooper 360, Piers Morgan Tonight, Erin Burnett OutFront and CNN Newsroom. The TV commercial will also be aired 13 times on election day, November 6th.

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