Francesco Pierangeli, Hult Innovation Scholar, MIB class of 2013

“I was already considering developing an innovative idea about the empowerment of local community life, together with my friend Valerio Massaroni, when I read about this opportunity from Hult. It was an interesting prospect for me because it would give us the platform to test our project, the deadline incentivized me to develop the idea further and the scholarship fund was great in helping me finance my studies. I am very proud to be joining a business school that stimulates students to develop innovative and creative ideas in an internationally-competitive world.”

The innovative idea is PLACEIT – a web-based application for the empowerment of local communities in which the accounts enrolled in the local community can, through the function of the program, follow and organize life in their city.

“While the generalist social networks are showing their limitations, the next digital communities will be built on relationships with more defined boundaries, more accessible and controllable contests, more accurate and higher quality information and the ability to interact with reality.”

Francesco Pierangeli and Valerio Massaroni’s idea came to fruition this spring when Hult launched a campaign to find the next generation of innovative business professionals. The Hult Innovation Scholarship asked applicants to showcase their business plan for the chance of receiving a unique opportunity to join Hult with a $5,000 USD scholarship contribution.

According to Greta Rossi, Associate Director of Recruiting at Hult, scholarship initiatives like this one serve to attract the right kind of talent to Hult’s One-Year Master programs. “As Hult is a very entrepreneurial school, one of our goals is to attract entrepreurial students who have the mindset and the potential to become change-makers. These scholarship opportunities allow Hult students to get involved with change-making processes even before stepping into Hult.”

Francesco will be joining 750+ global like-minded students this fall as he embarks on an intensive one-year Master of International Business program. The aspiring entrepreneur will kick off his studies at Hult’s London campus then rotate to three of the six campus locations for the remainder of his program. And what about PLACEIT? Francesco and Valerio are looking for developers and investors to get the idea off the ground, meanwhile exposure to the international business sphere will add to value to Francesco’s understanding of the product, “I’m really looking forward to joining a community of thousands of interesting people from all over the world.”

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