We’re counting down just two more weeks to one of our favorite events in the Hult calendar, Global Alumni Day. Time to find out more about what’s in the works—enter Olga Ivanova, Hult’s Global Head of Alumni.


Hey Olga! What’s in store for Global Alumni Day 2022? 

It’s our seventh annual Global Alumni Day and the first one since the pandemic to be finally hosted in person in 20+ locations around the globe. While technology enabled us to stay connected in Covid times, you can’t beat meeting up with your friends in person. We can’t wait to see many of our alumni on September 29. We anticipate 1,000+ alumni will gather on the day across local chapter events. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to reconnect with your old friends and make some new ones too!

This year’s theme is Empowering Impact. We’ve encouraged alumni to get involved in their local communities and make an impact in their own way. From cleaning the local park or collaborating with the local charity to mentoring teenagers. Our alumni make an impact in so many ways on a daily basis (check out this year’s alumni annual for inspiration), and it will be so inspiring for the global community to all get involved on the same day.


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We’ve heard about some awesome events and initiatives. Can you give us a few highlights of what the local chapters are planning?

I’m so proud of the chapters putting in great efforts to engage with local charities and getting alumni involved in making an impact. Among the initiatives lined up, here are a few examples:

  • London chapter is partnering with Bloomsbury Football, an exciting organization that encourages participation in sport for young people, regardless of their personal socioeconomic, ethnic, or national background. Alumni will meet and network with a group of children supported by the organization.
  • The South African chapter is partnering with A Million Girls Foundation. They will join them on an Impact Drive, by spending a morning with the girls at a school in Sebokeng. Apart from meeting the girls and engaging in a dance-fitness class and mentoring session on the day, the chapter is running a fundraising campaign to keep 100 girls in school.
  • Our alum Elpida Kokkota will be hosting a global online event to talk about the many initiatives her non-profit MeXOXO runs to empower women and provide them with tools for growth and change. The organization’s mission is to support 5 million women by 2030 to achieve socio-economic growth. And they’re launching a brand new app to help women around the world create a meaningful network.


Amazing! Can you tell us more about the launch of Elpida’s new app? 

We’re so excited to have Elpida launch the Matsi app to the community via our livestream on Global Alumni Day. This is such a great initiative to empower women and help them unleash their potential. The app will give women an opportunity to connect with each other, arrange mentorship sessions, and sign up for free courses. Hult alumni can register as well and become mentors to make an impact!

Elpida Kokkota is a Hult alum and social innovator. Since her commitment to CGI in 2015 and through Mexoxo, she has democratized education for 27,300 women in 20 countries, supporting them to unleash their potential for socio-economic growth.


You’re a Hult alum yourself—what does Global Alumni Day mean to you?

For me, Global Alumni Day is a celebration of our diversity and the truly global community that Hult is. It is so inspiring to see hundreds of alumni gather on the same day around the world and run activities around the same theme. We showcase the event heavily on social media throughout the day and it always makes me feel as if I’m part of every single event, though I’m not physically present at each of them.

On Global Alumni Day, I always feel immensely proud and privileged to be part of this special community. It’s not only a fantastic professional network but, most importantly, a global circle of friends.


You can access and register for all the Global Alumni Day events via Hult Connect.