A check in with three of Hult’s thriving alumni chapters from around the globe.

Shanghai, China

“When we took charge of the chapter leadership back in December 2018, it felt right to conduct a big survey to understand what our community looks like and what’s expected of our efforts. The results became the compass that guided our events this year, including the very successful Volunteer Time Auction held on Alumni Day, which won the global award for most impactful initiative. Since our official January kickoff, the chapter has held monthly events ranging from workshops in ecommerce to classes in real estate management. We have a big goal to further integrate our Chinese alumni into the community, and are proud to say we held chapter workshops exclusively in Mandarin for the first time. We’ve also supported the Shanghai enrollment team to connect with the next generation of Hult students. Our leadership team has become very close, as we share the same vision of building a strong community. We’ve all signed up for one more term and are growing the team to welcome more members to help us achieve our ambitious plans for 2020!”
Chapter Leadership

Hult Alumni Magazine 2020: Shanghai chapter

How would you describe the Hult alumni community in one word?
Ashley Fernandes, Class of 2012 “Family”
Chen Mengying, Class of 2017 “Powerful”
Dušan D. Neši, Class of 2014 “Sharing”
Guillaume Gimonet, Class of 2019 “Diversity”
Juan Pablo Venegas, Class of 2012 “Driven”
Kevin Ramos, Class of 2012 “Family”
Monica Muriel, Class of 2016 “Open-minded”
Sheng (Eric) Li, Class of 2019 “Families”


Paris, France

“For us, giving time to the alumni community is a way of extending our Hult experience. We like to help people connect and to expand their networks. We set up a series of monthly meetups throughout 2019, and invited people from our wider networks to chat on current themes that would be interesting to the business lives of our alumni. It’s a chance to learn about new skills and take in new information, both from people we know and those we don’t. We’ve also organized events for smaller groups to get together for food, drinks, and movies. It’s our goal to develop the meetup activity around topics and events that will allow us, the alumni community in France, to get to know more of each other—and at the same time, hopefully provide some business opportunities. We meet mostly in Paris, but in future we’d like to expand our meetups and share events with neighbouring chapter cities and countries.”
Chapter Leadership

Hult Alumni Magazine 2020: Paris chapter

How would you describe the Hult alumni community in one word?
Alexandre Bellantoni, Class of 2018 “Family”
Alfazazi Dourfaye, Class of 2017 “Friendship”
Amar A. Ouldelala, Class of 2016 “Gatherer”
Aristide Pedro Belba, Class of 2016 “Stimulating”
Cédric de Robillard, Class of 2014 “Interactive”
Clément Morlais, Class of 2018 “Sharing”
Francis Denaison, Class of 2015 “Sharing”
Frederik Raudies, Class of 2018 “Global”
Ivan Cviklinski, Class of 2016 “Open-minded”
Jussara Nunes, Class of 2018 “Diversity”
Karl Jonathan Razafindralambo, Class of 2016 “Inclusive”
Kelly Leblond, Class of 2017 “Friendly”
Laurent Normand, Class of 2010 “Nice”
Lionel Pailloncy, Class of 2015 “Useful”
Marie-Ange Kone, Class of 2018 “Interesting”
Maxime Bory, Class of 2015 “Teaming”
Mikel Sanches, Class of 2016 “Exchange”
Patrice Afanou, Class of 2015 “Active”
Thierry Ollier, Class of 2015 “Diversity”
Thomas Foures, Class of 2013 “Next door”


New York, United States

“The NYC chapter connects a community of over 600 alumni from all over the world living in NYC. With the team leadership bolstered for 2019, we managed to increase the number of alums in our activities by 50%. We hold three social activities throughout the year, plus one very special one in the summer in collaboration with Deborah Briant, a Career Advisor at Hult. This sees 80+ students and alumni come together to share their experiences with the new graduating class on rotation at the New York campus. Later in September we celebrate Global Alumni Day. This year we organized a community cleanup around the Cooper Union neighborhood— it being the home of our rotation campus, we felt the need to give back to the community. We look forward to 2020 and giving another year of service to our alma mater, connecting our fellow alumni so every one of us can lift each other up for the greater good. Our motto is: together we are stronger.”
Chapter Leadership

Hult Alumni Magazine 2020: New York chapter

How would you describe the Hult alumni
community in one word?
An Nguyen, Class of 2015 “Supportive”
Celia Shen, Class of 2018 “Global”
Charles Jackson, Class of 2018 “Dynamic”
Damir Gilyazov, Class of 2013 “Diverse”
Divyansh Munjal, Class of 2018 “Roots”
Joseph Alain Robis, Class of 2015 “Game-changer”
Lenin Guzman, Class of 2015 “Passionate”
Simon J. Margot, Class of 2017, 2018 “Support”
Sorangel Fersobe, Class of 2015 “Tribe”

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