Countdown is an initiative started by a group of Hult students to help motivate their fellow classmates in their job search. The Hult Career Services San Francisco blog posts mirror these tips of the week while providing more insight. While these posts are timed to meet the needs of our student body, they are relevant to anyone interested in learning more about career related topics.

Between finishing Module C, preparing to rotate to other campuses, finalizing electives for the next  two modules, and securing internships, these last few weeks have been a whirlwind! As you prepare for Action Projects and settle into internships, don’t forget to take a little time to reflect on this past year: how far you have progressed since September, and where you are going (remaining two modules and graduation)? How much progress have you made towards achieving your goal(s)? Many have spent countless hours networking and building relationships with folks in business communities. Armed with new internships and embarking on new Action Projects, this is certainly an exciting time. It is also the perfect time to continue to build those relationships that you have worked hard to start. Continue to use Linkedin to update your contacts on the exciting academic and professional events in your life.

Many people describe Linkedin as “the Facebook for your professional life,” which may be true. And much like we enjoy updating our friends and family with important (and some not-so-important) events, please remember to update your Linkedin profiles. Here is a quick Linkedin checklist each student should review and complete during Module D:

  1. Update Your Experience: Include a description of your new internship (if you have started)
  2. Update Your Skills: Add recently gained skills to this section to reflect your current knowledge base
  3. Status Updates: Remember to provide status updates to your Linkedin network about relevant events in your professional and academic life—this may include Action Projects and important milestones at your internship (Please remember to not post any proprietary information that may violate a non-disclosure agreement)

This is a great excuse to continue conversations, and stay in touch with those professional connections. Providing updates will remind your connections that you are doing important and interesting work. More importantly, it is another subtle reminder that you will be looking for full-time work once you graduate. Give people a reason to start a conversation with you!


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