Meet Ines, Hult’s superstar alum in San Francisco. Having fallen in love with the Golden City from an early age, its no surprise she made it her home. Right at the center of the action, with no signs of slowing down—this is her story… 

Where I’m at and how I’m doing  

Currently, I’m the Chief of Staff and Business Analytics at Vectice. It’s a decisive role where I drive operational efficiency and promote organizational coherence. To get where I am today, I had to upgrade my skillset with Hult. First, I did my Master’s in International Business, then went on to complete a Master’s in Business Analytics a year later through Hult’s Dual Degree. 

From there I went on to intern and consult across various industries and even found time to start my own business. OctoTravel is a travel platform that uses machine learning and NLP to help students seeking to learn languages find their next adventure.  

Two degrees are better than one 

Following my bachelor’s degree, I recognized the importance of furthering my skills and knowledge. With the ultimate goal of working in the US, studying abroad was a crucial step for me. I saw Hult as an ideal avenue to achieve this objective.  

The Master’s in International Business program provided an optimal balance between theoretical education and hands-on learning experiences. Through it, I acquired methodologies and honed a strategic mindset that I still apply in my work today. Given my background and passion for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, I was driven to pursue a Dual Degree in Business Analytics. This program equipped me with the ability to effectively apply my technical expertise within a business context, enhancing my understanding of the contemporary challenges faced by enterprises. 

If in doubt, leverage your network  

It was tough to secure employment during a pandemic. I was trying to get internships but because of the remote working situation, it was proving harder than I expected. So, I turned to those I knew would provide invaluable advice—the Hult careers team. It became obvious that my network was my most precious resource. Leveraging my network I secured internships during the spring and summer semesters and ultimately connected me to Vectice. 

A five-star supporting cast 

Moving to a new school, especially in a new country, is always challenging. This is why it’s even more amazing that Hult has teams that are with you at every bump in the road. Firstly, the visa team provided the perfect assistance when navigating complex visa-related problems. They were particularly helpful in dealing with potential employers and alleviating any anxiety I had. With regular sessions, they built up my knowledge and clarified everything that once confused me.  

Working in tandem with them was the careers team. I quickly learned how to approach my job search strategically. One aspect I particularly appreciated was the opportunity to schedule personalized one-to-one sessions with my career advisor. This tailored support not only equipped me with the necessary tools but also bolstered my confidence to navigate the application and interview process successfully. 

San Francisco or bust  

It was always going to be San Francisco. Ever since I was 15 I promised my parents I’d live there. Working as an executive in the tech industry in the heart of Silicon Valley was beyond my wildest teenage aspirations. What initially drew me to San Francisco was its reputation as a center for innovation and entrepreneurship, alongside its dynamic tech landscape. Unlike Boston, where the population was predominantly students, San Francisco boasted a diverse array of individuals, many hailing from major tech giants like Meta, Google, Waymo, and Apple. For entrepreneurs like me, San Francisco represented the pinnacle of possibility. I knew it had to be here if I was to make my mark on the world.  

A west coast paradise  

In San Francisco, everything is possible. The dynamic atmosphere here means every day you wake up with a real lust for life. It has everything—from Yosemite’s majestic waterfalls and ancient sequoia trees to Lake Tahoe’s pristine blue waters and snow-capped peaks. No matter the season, San Francisco and its surrounding area is the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts. And I haven’t even mentioned the city itself yet! Within The Golden City, you can party, you can learn, you can discover art and music. ‘Vibrant’ really is the word when you’re talking about San Francisco.  

Come to San Francisco! 

That’s my advice to anyone who asks me about San Fran. But seriously, the job market here is competitive so it’s crucial to adopt a strategic approach. The bottom line is that everyone will have similar skill sets, so identify other skills or talents that set you apart. Networking is also key, as my careers team would say—leverage your network. It’s a huge city so you’ll always forge connections. Just take your time, seek advice from locals, and enjoy yourself. I’ll be here—so you can always reach out! 

If you want to immerse yourself in San Francisco, check out our master’s programs and make waves like Ines on campus next September.