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CEOs and top leaders reveal their New Year’s resolutions
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CEOs and top leaders reveal their New Year’s resolutions

I just finished reading the executive leadership book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” by Marshall Goldsmith. There are so many good nuggets. One major takeaway is understanding other people’s perceptions of you and developing the willingness to change.

That’s a good starting point as we focus on CEOs and their journeys toward improvement. Kicking off the new year, I did a quick survey among top business leaders and asked them:

1) What’s your professional New Year’s resolution?

2) What’s your personal New Year’s resolution?

Their answers are thoughtful, colorful and candid. Here they are:

Chris Beard CEO, Mozilla

Chris Beard Mozilla

Professional resolution

I’m resolving to keep our focus on giving people more control over their online life, and shaping the future of the internet for the public good. It’s a critical time in its evolution. Right now, we see power being consolidated in the hands of a few companies and governments taking actions at odds with the health of an open Internet. I want to look back at 2018 and point to moments where we disrupted the moves to lock it down as a closed and controlled platform. With open technology and principles, the same ones that allowed the internet and web to flourish to this point, and with more and more people waking up and demanding more, we can shift the balance of power.

Personal resolution

I’m resolving to continue to strive for and stay focused on the best work-life balance I can achieve. Life is a marathon, not a sprint! I have a 14-year old daughter and a 4-year old son. Like all fathers, it’s important that I am healthy so I’m there to guide them at home just as I guide the teams at Mozilla. Finding that balance also means nurturing the support network I have that helps me navigate the challenges we will all face in our increasingly complex lives, both professionally and personally.

Kenneth “Hap” Klopp Founder & Former CEO, The North Face, Hult Professor

Hap Klopp North Face

Professional Resolution

  1. Vastly increase my knowledge about Blockchain and crypto-currencies
  2. Complete major financings for a few of the enterprises I’m advising
  3. Speak around the globe on the opportunities created by Digitization, Democratization, and Globalization—the 3 major disruptors in business today

Personal resolution

  1. Commence my third book (previous ones were “Conquering The North Face” and “Almost”)
  2. Convert some of the toxic negativism in the world into constructive, positive actions
  3. Laugh and enjoy friends and family

Betty Liu CEO, Radiate Inc, Bloomberg TV Anchor

Betty Liu Radiate

Radiate is a media education start-up that produces bite-sized videos on leadership and career advice.

Professional resolution

Continue to grow a great team at Radiate!

Personal resolution

Check a few more things off my bucket list like taking the kids to see the Northern Lights in Alaska. And also focusing more on giving back – I’ve benefited so greatly in my life from generous people that it’s now time to really focus on supporting and helping others.

Steve Marcopoto Former President, Time Inc. International

Steve Marcopoto Time Inc

Professional resolution

  1. Detox from my nearly 40 years in the corporate world.
  2. Take a sabbatical and clear my mind to decide what new and interesting things I’d really like to do with my life now that I’m a free man.3
  3. Trade corporate “need to dos” for passion project “want to dos”. Maybe swim with some REAL sharks in the process.

Personal resolution

See above with the addition of playing my way back on to the music circuit. (Steve plays the drums.)

Soraya Narfeldt CEO, RA International

Soraya Narfeldt RA International

RA International provides camp management services in Africa’s most remote and challenging areas. Clients include mining companies, oil & gas multi-nationals, and humanitarian aid agencies.

Professional resolution

  1. Improving communications with the team. Calling more and emailing less.
  2. Better strategic information flow to senior team to ensure that we are all pulling in the right directions
  3. Standardize project implementation across the board
  4. Increase in-house training at all levels
  5. Increase quality control checks

Personal resolution

  1. As it is my 50th year, I need to focus on improving my health and fitness
  2. Improve my listening skills with my family
  3. Take on a new course that can improve my general skills such as a new language, a new dance or an education piece of interest
  4. Volunteer more to talk at schools on entrepreneurship and business
  5. Reduce my waste footprint

Kenneth Lorentz CEO Domino’s Norway Hult MBA 2013 graduate

Kenneth Lorentzen Dominos

Professional resolution

  1. Prioritize quality over quantity
  2. Expand my network outside current borders

Personal resolution

  1. Spend time with my family
  2. Get to know my newborn son
  3. More sleep and exercise to support other resolutions


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