Today is a really bittersweet day…

Bitter: a good portion of my MBA family is leaving London to rotate around the world for the next 2-4 months. This takes me all the way back to highschool – and that feeling of losing friends so close they feel like family; of those smiling faces I have seen more than my own mother’s in the last 8 Months. It’s sad to think that, as much as I want to, I may never see some of these people ever again. That stuns me.

And the sweet part (to undo the big a*& knot I just made in your throat): I also realize that a life long dream of mine (as I am sure of others as well) – came true today…

I can confidently say that I know someone from every part of the world. How amazing is that? I can also say that they are my friends, like family and my global network. HOW COOL IS THAT? I can also say they make me a much better well rounded and multicultural person; that my perceptions and preconceptions of cultures, people, habits, mindsets – have taken on completely different meaning – a REAL meaning.

I haven’t traveled around the world physically (yet), but after these last 8 months I have traveled it via hand shakes, awkward double, triple, (and sometimes) lips kiss moments, home cooked international meals, liquors of the world, and the pleasure of being able to see learn business through the eyes of unique experiences, mindsets, and upbringings.

Today I realized, I have traveled around the world through each of the people I been so blessed to have met at Hult.

Please be safe during your travels. I am so thankful I have met each of you and I wish you all the best in your new countries and quest for the job of your dreams.

You will always have a friend in Colombia, Miami, and me.

I will miss seeing you.
Love you all.

-Natalya Spicker (MBA Class of 2013)

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Photo credit: Natalya Spicker

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