Written by Global Ambassador Frøya Mathiesen, Master of International Marketing student, London campus, class of 2016

A few days ago, my friend and I had a chat in front of a picture wall on campus. We looked at the pictures from our very first week at Hult, in September last year, and we both shockingly realised how much younger and inexperienced we all looked. Luckily there aren’t any wrinkles but our faces look much wiser and experienced today. As we are nearing the end of Module C, it’s only appropriate to take a trip down memory lane and provide you with an insight in to the first 8 months at Hult.

I’m not going to lie – Module A was exhausting. We were all busy building our social network, adjusting to the new city, getting practicalities sorted out, and figuring out useful London-life hacks, like avoiding the tube during peak hours! Also, this was the module with the heaviest workload. We created our own individual websites, we acted as consultants for a luxury lifestyle magazine, learned how to make data-driven marketing decisions, and we unleashed our inner entrepreneur through developing a strategy for launching an ethical café. On top this, I was also wanting to explore the marvellous city! Finding the balance is a process, but London has a clever way of convincing one to forget about our to-do lists and enjoy the moment. Somehow we all managed to get through all the assignments, presentations, and exams. A proud and contented chin-chin at the local pub marked the end of the module and the beginning of Christmas break. Despite the complete lack of snow, we were all merry, and ‘so long’ was a little harder than expected.

Hult students celebrating
Celebrating the end of Module A and the Christmas break!

Module B was challenging in a different way. To get us through the cold and dark start of the year, Hult organised ‘Inspirational January’ and ‘Entrepreneurial February’ – weekly inspirational speaker events giving us a refill of inspiration and motivation. We were assigned new teams, new professors, and new courses. Creating PR strategies for a hotel chain and a multilevel marketing company taught us that it’s not all Absolutely Fabulous, but hard work and complex sets of activities to obtain a true and desirable brand reputation. Through the Sales-course, we learned how to build mutually beneficial client relationships and took advantage of 30-day trial periods of various design programs to create beautiful (and hopefully useful) sales manuals. We got deeper in touch with our creative side through the advertising course, and each team proudly presented its TV commercial by the end of the module.

Throughout Module C, we started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – graduation. Season four of House of Cards had to wait as researching companies, attending networking events, and perfecting our LinkedIn profiles was ordre du jour. Rotation suddenly became a reality and we all squeezed in as much social time with our peers as possible. Good thing the module C workload is significantly lighter! Simulation made our team’s small computer companies, changing our lunch conversations from “Did you see Cara Delevingne’s BAFTA-dress?” to “Should we launch a new product targeting the Costcutter-segment or invest in upgrading our current product portfolio?” And our competitive instincts showed through when we had to pitch to real Venture Capitalists for fictive investment in our fictive businesses. Professor Berry thought us that ‘price is what you pay, value is what you get’, and made sure Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ got stuck in our heads every Monday and Wednesday.

We are now in the last week of Module C. Many of my new friends are packing their suitcases to pursue their studies in exciting locations across the globe. Some already left. In a few weeks, we will share our classrooms with new colleagues, teach them about afternoon tea and take pictures of them in front of red phone booths. Fortunately, most of my current classmates will be back in August, standing side by side in black capes, celebrating the big and small challenges we have overcome and victories we have achieved. Personally, I am very happy to stay in London now that the city is blooming and The Thames is sparkling – just like my peers and I.

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