As we move halfway through Module B
Along comes the most exciting decision tree,
Where we choose our electives and choose our rotation.
Hult students are super high on motivation.

Midterms are looming,
Case studies to read, keeping up with the lecturers’ Twitter feed.
Extra classes on weekends and simulations to attend,
Module C is around the bend.

Even Valentine’s Day was stuck in the middle—
“Who sent those anonymous flowers?” was the riddle.
A pink wall of hearts pops up: “SO COOL!”
A business society making money through the school;
It’s three pounds for each anonymous present you send,
“Innovation” at HULT is the trend.

The African society is organizing a debate:
“Productivity vs Creativity,” awesome, great!
I have even been invited to present my view.
I have so many assignments and no time for anything new.

I know I’ll manage to squeeze out time—
In the end all the chaos will be just fine.
I learned to meditate during last month’s health week;
To put that to use, this month I will seek.

Hult Labs is experimenting on this year’s class
Investing in the learning of the future, and letting go of the past.
Simulations are being organized to facilitate modern teaching,
With electronic platforms and trans-Atlantic preaching.

Our first Skype class has taken place,
Hult is designing new education at a very fast pace.
Interaction is encouraged, as is sharing of information.
Experiences are exchanged, strong friendships in formation.

Speaker events almost every other day,
Which are quite enlightening, I must say.
As I write this, I see a colleague’s Twitter feed,
I must get back to work as we have four case studies to read.

Vaibhav Rustagi Is an MBA student at Hult London, with 12 years experience in customer service, sales and hospitality. He uses photography and poetry as a form of expression.

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