Apprenticeship admissions

We adopt a rigorous application and selection process, working with the employer to identify high potential employees.

Employees who express an interest in apprenticeships will go through a Skills Scan with their line manager, before completing their application on our platform.

Funding and Admissions

We work closely with employers and line managers to identify and match employees with the right apprenticeships. In collaboration with employers we set selection criteria for each apprenticeship.

There are funding rules attached to each apprenticeship, which are set by the government to ensure that organisations in England get the maximum benefit from their levy-contributions.

As part of the application and onboarding process we will work with apprentices and their line managers to identify recognition of prior learning, and ensuring that the apprenticeship provides significant new knowledge, skills and behaviours, as required by the ESFA funding rules.

Funding & Admissions

  • Skills Scan - to be completed by all applicants and their line managers

  • A levels (work experience will be considered in place of formal qualifications)

  • Candidates will typically have five GCSEs at Grade C or higher, including English and Maths, and hold a minimum of 48 UCAS points (or equivalent)

  • Funding rules require individuals to be employed and working at least 50% in England

  • Strong personal motivation and capability to benefit from and contribute to the program

  • Line manager support to undertake work-based assignments and build a portfolio of evidence

  • Provide proof of achievement for English and/or Maths qualification at Level 2 with a Grade C or above

Enrollment and Onboarding

Our enrollment process is designed to give apprentices the best possible start to their learning journey with Hult Ashridge. During this process, we will make sure that the apprenticeship offers the required knowledge, skills and behaviours for the candidate and their organisation. We will also ensure we have clear understanding of their learning needs, as well as recognition of prior learning.


Apprentice Information & Guidance Session

To provide candidates with information relating to their expected commitment to the apprenticeship, along with details of delivery modules and subjects taught by Hult Ashridge faculty.


Line Manager Consultation

To assess the line manager and employer's capability for providing the apprentice with the support, supervision, time and opportunities to apply their learning.

Eligibility Check

Skills Scan and Evidence of Eligibility

Skills Scan is an assessment of existing knowledge against the desired apprenticeship standard. It is completed by the apprenticeship candidate and their line manager. It will support recognition of prior learning and ensure that the apprenticeship will offer significant new learning to comply with funding rules.

Apprentice must upload evidence of education and functional skills to ensure eligbility requirements are met.


Initial Needs Assessment

As your training provider we are required to assess eligibility of the candidate, evaluate prior learning to ensure suitability of the apprenticeship, and identify any special education needs and disabilities so we can provide appropriate support.


Training Plan

The training plan covers the practical period of the apprenticeship delivery, taking into account the Initial Needs Assessment, recognition of prior learning, SEND requirements, and align the output of the apprenticeship to the wider needs of the business.

The training plan must be signed by all parties.


Orientation & Induction Session

The orientation session is designed to help prepare apprentices, from day one, on how to make the most of their apprenticeship experience. It is also an opportunity to learn about all of the tools and systems available to apprentices to connect with us and each other.

The session includes an interactive faculty introduction, with opportunities to network with apprentices joining from other companies.

Apprenticeship Begins

Apprenticeship Begins

Apprentices are now officially enrolled on their apprenticeship. They will have access to all of the systems and tools they need, learning will begin and so will their off-the-job training.

From here on in, 10-weekly tripartite sessions will take place between Hult Ashridge, the apprentice and their line manager to update on progress and identify any areas where additional support is needed.

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Skills Scan

The Skills Scan is a vital part of the apprenticeship application process for apprentices and line managers.

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Ashridge (Bonar Law Memorial) Trust is registered on the list of approved apprenticeship providers. UK PRN 10008899