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Feels like Hult spirit

Naomi has many passion projects. Thankfully, Hult is one of them.

Naomi Thompson
MBA Class of 2017
Associate Director, PwC

“The Hult DNA is a thing. It really exists! When you’re at Hult and you all go through these challenges together, and you’re so close as a community, and the program is just so concise and packed and incredible ... ”

Then, you go back to your home country, or wherever you’re going to work after graduation, and it feels like there’s something missing.

I set up the South African chapter so that we didn’t have to lose that like-minded community that we’d gotten so used to. It’s an amazing platform that brings us all back together and enables us to really help and support each other.

Our degree’s worth goes beyond the content that we studied. It includes the business school's reputation.

And I believe that the alumni community is an integral part of the entire ecosystem of a business school.

“If we continue ensuring that we stay connected and we really support each other in small ways, we will ultimately build that larger community.”

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Become a Class Rep

Class Reps from fresh graduating classes represent their program, sharing important updates and initiatives, and helping classmates integrate into the alumni community.

Be a Chapter Leader

Chapter Leaders are a link between the school and their local alumni community. They organize alumni gatherings, support enrollment initiatives in the region, and act as school ambassadors. 

Join the Hult Alumni Committee

The HAC comprises senior alumni from various regions and programs. They represent the voice of our alumni body and work closely with the Alumni Association and Hult’s executive leadership team to design alumni initiatives and offerings. HAC elections are every two years.

Local alumni chapters

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll never be far from a Hult alum. Hult currently supports 70 chapters in more than 60 locations. Join a chapter in the city you live in or get in touch with a chapter if you happen to be passing through the city.

If you don’t see your city below and would like to start a chapter, please submit your request via the form below.


  • Argentina

  • Brazil (Rio De Janeiro)

  • Brazil (Sao Paulo)

  • Canada (Toronto)

  • Canada (Vancouver)

  • Chile

  • Colombia

  • Dominican Republic

  • Mexico

  • Peru

  • Puerto Rico

  • US (Boston)

  • US (Chicago)

  • US (Houston)

  • US (Los Angeles)

  • US (Miami)

  • US (New York City)

  • US (San Francisco)

  • US (Washington DC)

  • Venezuela


  • Australia

  • Bangladesh

  • China (Beijing)

  • China (Shanghai)

  • China (Hong Kong)

  • India (Mumbai)

  • India (Pune)

  • India (Bangalore)

  • Indonesia

  • Japan

  • Malaysia

  • Pakistan (Lahore)

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • South Korea

  • Taiwan

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam


  • Austria (Vienna)

  • Belgium

  • Bulgaria

  • Denmark

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany (Berlin)

  • Germany (Cologne)

  • Germany (Frankfurt)

  • Germany (Hamburg)

  • Germany (Munich)

  • Hungary

  • Italy (Milan)

  • Ireland

  • Kazakhstan

  • Luxembourg

  • Norway

  • Portugal

  • Russia

  • Spain (Madrid)

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland (Geneva)

  • Switzerland (Zurich)

  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)

  • Turkey

  • United Kingdom

Middle East & Africa

  • Algeria

  • Bahrain

  • Egypt

  • Ghana

  • Iran

  • Jordan

  • Kenya

  • Lebanon

  • Nigeria

  • Saudi Arabia

  • South Africa

  • Tanzania

  • United Arab Emirates

The Hult Alumni Committee

The Hult Alumni Committee is an independent advisory alumni body that promotes, grows, and strengthens the Hult alumni community.

The committee also provides feedback to the school on matters related to the alumni community and the educational experience. Hult Alumni Committee members are elected for a two-year tenure. During their mandate, they will be working on several projects to support Hult and the alumni relations team.

2022-24 Hult Alumni Committee members

  • Anamaria Meshkurti, BBA, Class of 2013
  • Boitumelo Sebambo, EMBA, Class of 2018
  • Daniel Santos, MBA, Class of 2018
  • Henning Waatsack, MBA, Class of 2017
  • Julian Gomez, MBA, Class of 2011
  • Mengying Chen, MIM, Class of 2017
  • Naomi Thompson, MBA, Class of 2017
  • Philip Lee, MBA & MIM, Class of 2020/2021
  • Sizen Akcal, MIB, Class of 2015
  • Vaibhav Rustagi, MBA, Class of 2014

Get involved

The next Hult Alumni Committee will be elected and announced in 2024. For more information, keep an eye on your inbox and follow us on social.

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