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Change never stops, and neither should your learning. Hult is committed to supporting our alumni by providing networking opportunities, lifelong learning, and global events.

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Register today using your LinkedIn, Facebook, or email account. Your request to join the platform will be reviewed by the Alumni Relations team within five business days.

Hult Connect benefits

Hult Connect is a platform for alumni to access the global Hult network and alumni benefits.

Reconnect with your classmates

Hult Connect allows you to reconnect with old classmates and enables you to utilize the trusted Hult environment to expand your professional network.

Your Hult International Business School community

By fully integrating with social networks and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, the Hult community can keep you energized way beyond graduation.

Functionalities include:

  • Having a discussion with fellow alumni, or send direct messages

  • Staying connected by posting photos and updates

  • Access an internal job board exclusive to Hult alumni

  • Register for global or local alumni events

  • Access to the alumni directory

I developed a special way of confronting challenges and doing business. Together with my career advisor and alumni connections, I secured an internship at Tesla.

Mehjahr Khayyati


Class of 2017


What are the benefits of being a Hult alum?

Hult is committed to supporting our alumni by providing networking opportunities, lifelong learning experiences, and global events. There is so much you can do as an alum!

How can I stay in touch with Hult?

Once you become an alum, the easiest way to stay in contact is by joining Hult Connect, the exclusive Hult alumni platform. Connect with your peers, find events around the globe, and apply for a job. Make sure your contact email is up to date in your Hult Connect settings, so you can receive our newsletters and event invitations.

Another opportunity for alumni to stay in touch with Hult is through alumni panels and on-campus and online events for students. Are you interested to share your experience and potentially hire Hult students into your company? Contact us at, tell us what you do, and let us know if you would be keen on joining our next events.

How do I access Hult Connect?

You can access the platform here. You will then need to create an account with your LinkedIn, Facebook, or email account. You can only have one profile and you don’t need to use your Hult email to create one. Upon submitting your profile, a member of the alumni relations team will review it. Pending profiles are verified within 5 working days.

What is a chapter and how do I join one?

Chapters are local groups of alumni. We have 70+ chapters in 60+ countries. They are run by chapter leaders who are alumni volunteers. Elected for a year, chapter leaders are the bridge between Hult and the local alumni community. The purpose of chapters is to keep the alumni community engaged, and to be the first contact point for alumni. Each year, the alumni relations team runs an election campaign from October until early December. However, applications are welcomed all year long! If you are interested in becoming a chapter leader in your region, make sure you submit your application. To find out if there is a chapter in your city, email

What is the Hult Alumni Committee (HAC?)

The Hult Alumni Committee (HAC) is an independent advisory alumni body that promotes, grows, and strengthens the Hult alumni community. The HAC also provides feedback to the school on matters related to the alumni community and the educational experience. Elected for 2 years, the HAC is made of 10 alumni. Any alumni from Hult, Huron, ADL, or Ashridge can apply to be part of the HAC. The next round of nominations will launch in 2024.

How do I log into my Hult alumni email account?

To log into your Hult email, go to If you graduated in 2016 or before, your Hult alumni email will have the following format: (example:

If you graduated after 2016, your Hult email will have the following format: (example:

If you cannot access your Hult email, please follow these steps to reset it:

  • Step 1: Go to and enter your Hult email
  • Step 2: You can recover or reset your password using your personal email.
  • Step 3: Since September 2020 we use multi-factor authentication to protect your Hult account. When you first log in you will be asked to register, follow the instructions to set up multi-factor authentication here.

If you followed the steps above and still cannot access your Hult email account, please raise a ticket with the IT team via email. A member of Hult’s tech team will follow up within five working days. 

How do I log into myCourses?

You can access myCourses here. You will need to use your Hult email and credentials to log in. If you cannot access your Hult email, please read the answer to the previous question.

If you followed the steps above and still cannot access your Hult email account, please raise a ticket with the IT team here. A member of Hult’s tech team will follow up within five working days. 

How do I obtain a copy of my official transcript or diploma?

  1. Hult now uses Parchment to process diplomas or transcript requests. Hult does not send documents to the employer. 
  2. For electronic or hard copies of your official transcript, please visit Parchment. Then sign in or create a profile using your personal email , not Hult’s email to place an order for the document. 
  3. Select postgraduate or undergraduate transcript | Hult International Business School.
  4. Select your program of study and graduation year and input your student ID number. 
  5. Parchment charges a transcript processing fee.
  6. Please bear in mind that it takes a couple of weeks to get the official documents, so we would highly recommend you order on Parchment before being in the urge to provide your documents.

How do I sign up for this year’s lifelong learning opportunities? 

Every year you may choose to enroll in one elective. There is a 100 USD non-refundable registration fee required to secure your seat. Registration usually opens in April and closes end of April/beginning of May. Electives run from May to the beginning of August every year, and it is not possible to register once the deadline has passed. Alumni relations will share all the important dates with regards to registration and process through our monthly newsletter, Hult Connect, and social media channels like LinkedIn and Instagram. Make sure to connect with the alumni relations team!

Click here to learn more about the lifelong learning electives' terms and conditions. Additional information on the electives can be found here.

Is there a Hult merchandise website?

Yes! The Hult store is back. You can buy Hult merch here.

How do I refer a friend or family member to Hult?

If you know people that have the Hult DNA, we absolutely want to hear about them! We encourage alumni to actively participate in building Hult’s global generation. To refer someone and to discover the benefits of the program, click here.

How do I share a job with the Hult alumni network?

You can help strengthen Hult’s relationship with the alumni community by participating in the alumni job referral. You won’t just be helping current students—29,000 alumni also have access to the worldwide program, which covers a unique and diverse pool of professionals. You can post the job on Hult Connect job board. To share it on Handshake (students’ job board), get in touch with us via email.

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