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"The world needs people who possess a global perspective"
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    Financial Times 89
    • 5th in Percentage Increase on Pre-MBA Salary (The Economist, 2013)
    • 91% salary increase three years after graduation (Financial Times, 2014)
    • 81% of graduates were employed within three months of graduation
    • USD180,603 average top 10% post-graduation salary
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    A gold mine of international talent

    Hult CAO, Mukul Kumar

    The next 50 years will not be the same as the past 50 years. The world needs people who possess a global perspective. A world view. Hult graduates are uniquely positioned to make a difference in business. This booklet demonstrates the value of our degree programs. Ranked among the 5th in Percentage Increase on Pre-MBA Salary by The Economist (2013), and Top 10 for International Business, International Experience, International Students, International Faculty, and International Board by the Financial Times (2014). Hult graduates enter a fiercely competitive job market with a valuable education and connections. Our network of career services teams located in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai helps our students navigate their careers in a personalized and systematic fashion.

    We work closely with corporate recruiting partners and offer effective on-campus recruitment activities to support our students in their career development. The approach is paying off: 81% of our MBA Class of 2013 graduates were employed within the first three months of graduation. Hult is a rich source of international talent. I welcome you to look through these pages to see for yourself.

    Dr. Mukul Kumar
    Chief Academic Officer

    Fast Return on Investment

    Our 12-month intensive degree programs result in a fast return on investment compared to other MBA programs. Equipping yourself with a Hult degree in 12 months results in lower cost, less time away from work, and a quicker re-entry, with an MBA salary. Hult currently ranks 5th in Percentage Increase on Pre-MBA Salary by The Economist (2013).

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    *Source: The Economist Which MBA? 2013