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The Research Team

Dr. Nadine Page

Senior Associate Dean of Research

Nadine is Senior Associate Dean of Research at Hult International Business School. Her expertise and research interests focus on contemporary issues for organizations and organizational behavior including; mindsets and behavior; leadership and leadership development; and sustainable and responsible business. Nadine is an active researcher. She has published extensively, including in Harvard Business Review,, the Journal of Management Education, and Frontiers in Psychology. Nadine has presented research at the European Academy of Management, the British Academy of Management, and the House of Lords.

Dr. Uma Gunasilan

Associate Dean of Research

Uma is the Associate Dean of Research for Hult International Business School. She holds a PhD in Computer Science (2008) and PhD in Management (2022) and has more than 20 years of experience in academic teaching and academic management, in Malaysian, UAE, Australian, KSA, Irish, U.K., and Canadian curriculums. Uma's areas of interest are Management Information Systems, Data Analytics, Architecture and Networks, Computer Forensics and Security, Strategic Management and Project Management, Knowledge Management and Operational Performance.

Dr. Carina Paine Schofield

Leadership Lab Director

Carina is the Director of Hult’s Leadership Impact Lab. Carina’s research interests are in the areas of psychology (organizational, educational, social, and developmental) and technology (AI and the effective use of technology in enhancing learning and teaching). Carina's first degree was in Applied Psychology and Computing. Following this, she gained a postgraduate diploma in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology from The Open University. She is a member of the British Psychological Society. The nature of Carina's research experience is interdisciplinary in terms of its strong link between theoretical and applied social science research in a number of settings.

Carina Schofield

Dr. Matthew Gitsham

Sustainability Lab Director

Matt is the Director of Hult’s Sustainability Impact Lab. He specializes in Sustainable Development, Human Rights, and Organizational Change. Matt has led numerous research projects on business and sustainable development for over a decade at Ashridge. His research has been featured in the Economist, the Financial Times, and the Harvard Business Review, as well as at the World Economic Forum in Davos and the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights. Matt was awarded the ‘Rising Star’ award as part of the Aspen Institute-Academy of Business in Society European Faculty Pioneer Awards. He has also been identified on Thinkers50 Radar as one of the up-and-coming thinkers whose ideas are predicted to make an important impact on management thinking in the future.

Matthew Gitsham

Dr. Mark Esposito

Futures Lab Director

Mark is the Director of Hult's Futures Lab Impact Lab. He is recognized internationally as a top global thought leader in matters relating to The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the changes and opportunities that technology will bring to a variety of industries. He is a Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Nexus FrontierTech, an AI scale-up venture. In 2021, he co-founded the Circular Economy Alliance where he serves as Chairman of the Strategic Foresight Board. He was inducted in 2016 on the radar of Thinkers50 as one of the 30 most prominent rising business thinkers in the world. He is a Senior Advisor to the Ideation Center of Strategy at PwC in Dubai and a Distinguished Fellow in the UNESCO Chair in Future Literacy of Finance.

Dr. Sibley Slinkard

Lab Manager

Sibley is the Lab Manager for Hult’s Impact Labs. She is a sociolinguist by training and holds a PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from York University. Her research interests include sociocultural practices in institutions more broadly, and discourse analytic approaches to work, law, and media specifically. She specializes in qualitative and mixed-method analysis.

Dr. Shilpi Banerjee

Research Fellow

Shilpi has more than 15 years of experience in academic teaching, research & management, in higher education in India, Singapore, HK, UK and the UAE. Her research explores the changing roles and responsibilities of business in the global economy, finding new ways of thinking about and practicing responsible business, with a particular focus on CSR communication, modern slavery & socio-economic inequalities. Shilpi holds a Ph.D. in Business Management from the University of London, UK.

Dr. Esteban Damiani

Postdoctoral Fellow

Esteban is a Postdoctoral Fellow with previous teaching experience at Hult and expertise in marketing research and monitoring and evaluation studies in social policy. Esteban was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to London in 2006. He has an MA in Digital Sociology and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Warwick. He conducted an ethnography of political participation on Facebook with a political party in Uruguay for his doctoral research. His main research interests are in digital culture studies and the role of online communities in co-producing value and ethics in participatory cultures.

Dr. Jie Deng

Quantitative Research Specialist

Jie Deng is a specialist in quantitative research and survey design. Her first degree is in Statistics, she holds a MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology and a PhD in Psychology Research with extensive post-doctoral research experience at various UK universities within interdisciplinary research teams and explored people’s trust and adoption in new technologies (e.g., blockchain, AI, Fintech). As an interdisciplinary researcher, her research interests include but are not limited to cross-cultural psychology, bicultural identity, trust and social influence in online and new technology context.

Dr. Dawit Assefa

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dawit is a Postdoctoral Fellow. He received his PhD in Economics from University of Messina. His research interests include informality on firm performance, corruption behaviour, internationalization and innovation, gender in entrepreneurship, and institutions on financial development and human capital. His research has been published in academic journals such as Journal of World Business, Technovation, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, and International Journal of Innovation Management. Prior to joining Hult, Dawit worked as a researcher at Frontieri Consult in Ethiopia and at NEOMA Business School in France.

Elena Diaz

Research Manager

Elena is the Research Manager for Hult International Business School. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to London in 2014. Elena has a Bachelor's degree in Social Communications with a minor in Corporate Communications. She is currently pursuing an MBA at Hult International Business School. With six years of experience as a Registrar at the same institution, Elena manages the Research team resources to support faculty effectively and optimize processes and organization of research operations.

Erika Lucas

Research Communications Manager

Erika Lucas is our Research Communications Manager. Her background spans journalism and PR, with prior roles in regional press and in-house and external PR consultancy. She is the author of two books and regularly ghost-writes for academics and experts in the management, learning, and HR sector.

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