Legacy programs at Hult

We are constantly re-evaluating our program offerings to remain relevant in this fast-changing business climate. While some programs may have been discontinued, most of the courses are still available under other existing programs.

Below is a list of programs previously offered at Hult that have been discontinued. Please go to Programs for a full list of our current offerings.

Bachelor Programs

Programs offered:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications
  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

Last program intake: September 2008

Related programs now offered

Masters in Digital Marketing

Program description

Hult's Masters in Digital Marketing covered every aspect of excelling in a digital age. The rapid emergence of digital marketing left employers without staff who understand how the internet revolution is reshaping their business and will continue to impact it. This program was specifically designed to give students the skills demanded by these employers.

Last program intake: September 2011

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Masters in Disruptive Innovation

Program description

Hult's Masters in Disruptive Innovation equiped graduates with cutting-edge business and digital acumen. Disruption and innovation impact all areas of the workforce and fundamentally change how businesses grow. As companies race to innovate in a shifting digital landscape, this degree enabled our students to link successful business decisions with technological advancement.

Last program intake: September 2020 (as a Dual Degree program only)

Related programs now offered

Masters in International Relations

Program description

Hult’s Masters in International Relations gave students an understanding of contemporary world politics and foreign policy with a strong focus on analysis, communication, and collaboration skills. This program provided graduates with the ability to analyze arguments and evidence rigorously and present a persuasive argument within a global setting.

Last program intake: September 2009

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Metropolitan Executive MBA

Program description

Hult’s Metropolitan EMBA was highly flexible program was delivered live by faculty out of our Boston campus. Classes were accessible via distance learning to students in multiple locations across the Americas. Graduates studied over two weekends per month and graduated with a US-accredited MBA degree.

Last program intake: September 2020

Relevant programs now offered

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