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Whether you’re looking to get into the league of gaming legends, get schooled up on how to strategize those nail-biting tournaments, or be the winner that takes all— our upcoming event will teach you everything you need to know about taking your gaming goals to the next level.

Understand the world of gaming with the help of Hult professor, Maxted Neal as he discusses—Virtual Disruption in the Sports Industry.

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Thursday, 24 June 2021, 12pm BST

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What will I learn from the class?

Over the past couple of years, the League of Legends World Championship final has drawn in more viewers than for the Super Bowl or NBA finals! Today’s eSports champions are scoring massive million-dollar prizes as spectators and sponsors watch them around the world. With an estimated gaming revenue of $2 billion by 2022 and around 220 million eSports enthusiasts worldwide, eSports is a lucrative industry—but you need to know the business behind it to really get the most out of it. That’s where we come in.

Professor Maxted Neal will be sharing his knowledge on the psychology of gaming and strategizing, how to attract high-profile sponsors and the business behind the competitive gaming world. <Sign up now> and you’ll leave the session with the knowledge and power to join the league of legends!

Professor Maxted Neal

With a background in sports management and business, Professor Neal is equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to help you level up your gaming ambitions.

“The sports industry has traditionally been disrupted by new competitions, new markets, and new teams - until now. eSports offers a completely different alternative to traditional analogue sports - and is rapidly growing with 60-70 million users streaming daily on platforms like Twitch. Now that the US legally recognizes eSports pros as professional athletes, is the sports industry experiencing its own digital disruption? Will we think of the Champions League and the NBA in twenty years the same way as we see Blockbuster now? Is it game, set, and match for the sports industry?”

Maxted Neal

Professor of Practice at Hult International Business School

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Raafi Jahangir, Thai / Bangladeshi

We don't have traditional lectures and every class is interactive. Every example is practical and taken from the real world. We're kept up to date with all the latest technological advancements.

Raafi Jahangir, Thai / Bangladeshi

Class of 2019 San Francisco campus

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