Founder Fundamentals to start your dream startup in Silicon Valley

What does it take to start a company in Silicon Valley? What is a pitch or a business model or a prototype? This virtual master class will take you through a crash course of what are the basics of starting a startup in Silicon Valley. It will get you acquainted with the vocabulary and give you steps to put into action to start building your dream startup.

This exclusive webinar is hosted by Hult Professor Arjita Sethi.

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom on Tuesday, 12 October 2021, 9:20-9:50am Ulaanbaatar

About the professor

Arjita Sethi professor at hult

Professor *Arjita is the Founder of The Founders Vault: An invite-only collective of value-driven, aspiring and immigrant founders who are supporting one another in building their Billion $$ or people ideas in a sustainable way.

Arjita is also the Founder and CEO of Equally: A venture-backed, Silicon Valley, an ed-tech company that is building a universal platform for kids to ignite their curiosity and imagination.

Arjita is a co-founder at Startup India Advisory which ran the pilot Milestone Maker international program of NASDAQ entrepreneurial Center in India. They have now built the largest borderless accelerator of India called Indiarath.

Arjita also teaches entrepreneurship, innovation, and Media at Hult International Business School and San Francisco State University.

She sits on the Advisory board of Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.*

What our students say

Raafi Jahangir, Thai / Bangladeshi

We don't have traditional lectures and every class is interactive. Every example is practical and taken from the real world. We're kept up to date with all the latest technological advancements.

Raafi Jahangir, Thai / Bangladeshi

Class of 2019 San Francisco campus

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