Boston: Hult Scholar Student Panel - Undergraduate

You've applied to the Hult Scholar Grant, aced your interview, and received Hult's most prestigious undergraduate scholarship, the Hult Scholar Grant, so what is next?

Join us for a Hult Scholar exclusive event to learn more about life as a Hult Scholar in Boston. Hear from a panel of current Hult Scholars in Boston who were in your shoes this time last year, took the decision to study at Hult, and have hit the ground running!

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Thu, 15 April 2021, 6-7pm EST

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Mark Esposito professor at Hult

About the session

Last year in Sept 2020 Hult welcomed 39 Hult Scholars from over 20 different nationalities worldwide to study their Bachelor of Business Administration at Hult. Join us and hear first-hand from our current Hult Scholar Freshmen as they share their BBA journey and experiences to date, from landing internships within their first semester, to taking on positions of leadership on campus, and Hult Scholar exclusive events.

This event is as much an opportunity for Hult Scholars to attend as their parents. We recognize that for many Hult Scholars who are first-generation college students and the first of their families to attend college, that this exciting next chapter of your education is as much a new experience for you as it is your family supporting you, so we welcome you all to join us.

Meet our current Hult Scholars


Zachary Benatatos, USA

"Receiving the Hult Scholar Grant has changed my life in the most positive ways. I've launched a social startup in India for underrepresented youth, worked on several challenges with companies shaping the future of business, and received an offer from Google! If you're burning to tell a story or like to challenge the status quo, this is the university for you."


Hult Scholar Grants were awarded to recipients for the September 2020 term

22 female, 17 male



of recipients are first generation college students


nationalities represented among the 2020 award recipients

Minh Phung

Toward the end of high school, my family struggled financially and that meant I had very little prospects of attending university. The Hult Scholar Grant has given me the opportunity to study finance in one of the world’s leading financial and cultural capitals. It's given me peace of mind, so I don't worry whether my parents can afford to support my studies and let me focus on seizing every opportunity while studying my Bachelors of Business Administration at Hult.

Minh Phung