Counselor Experience Hult

Hult’s transformative Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is designed around the universal truth that to master a skill—any skill, from riding a bike to leading a team—it must be practiced.

Hult's curriculum has recently undergone a radical redesign to bring our undergraduate program even closer to the real world of business we're preparing students for. Practical learning challenges are integrated into the entire program—ensuring students understand the relevant theory while developing the mindsets and skills essential for a career on a global scale.

Please join Hult's enrolment team and our dean for the Counselor Experience Hult, so we can share more information with you on the new program.

Saturday, 5 March 2022, 10:30am to 3:00pm GMT

What to expect:

Our Campus Dean - Undergraduate, Mo Willan, will present information about:

  • the importance of these changes relative to the current educational landscape
  • why these changes are important for any student looking to study business, and
  • most importantly, what this means for the day-to-day experience of future Hult students

Agenda of the day:

10:30 am: Arrival on Campus
11:00 am: Discover our Bachelor of Business Administration program, Limitless Learning technologies, and Personal Development Coaching program
12:00 pm: Campus tour with current students
12:30pm: Lunch
1:30 pm: Discover Hult's teaching style with a Masterclass
2:15 pm: Learn about the student experience from current students
3:00 pm: Networking​ opportunity with other UK Counselors

What our students say

Raafi Jahangir, Thai / Bangladeshi

We don't have traditional lectures and every class is interactive. Every example is practical and taken from the real world. We're kept up to date with all the latest technological advancements.

Raafi Jahangir, Thai / Bangladeshi

Class of 2019 San Francisco campus

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